How To Customized Vivo V5 And Other Vivo Android Mobile ? ( Full Customization )

Vivo V5 Customization (Full) Details. In This Post We Will Know That How We Can Customized Vivo V5 And Other Vivo Mobile Phones. 

How To Customized And What Type Of Thing We Can Customized In Android ?

We Can Customized Many Things In Android Like
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • Font
  • Lock Screen
  • Date And Time Look

1st We Will Discuss How To Customized Theme ?
Vivo V5 iTheme

To Customized Themes Just Go To The App iThemes
Open The iTheme
In The Below Part You Can See That There Are Lots Of Customized Themes Available In The App. Then Click On Any Theme. Then Click Download. After Downloading Click On Apply.
Now The New Stylist Theme Will Be Automatically Activated In Your Device.

NOTE: You Must Have An Active Internet Connection To Download And Install Those Themes.  

In The Similar Way You Can Change The Wallpapers, Font And Lock Screen Of Your Device.
This is Very Easy And Simple.

There Are Many Options In The Apps.
As, Theme,Wallpaper, Screen Look And Local.

In Local Menu Tab There Are 4 Options.
1. Local Theme
2. Local Wallpaper
3. Local Lock Screen
4. Local Font

Basically, In This Menu All The Local Themes, Wallpaper etc Are Present. It Means All The Images Which Are Present In Your Devices Will Be Display In This Category.

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