Save Battery Of Android By Using The Simple Tips By SarkarTech

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Today I Want To Discuss About Android Battery Draining Reasons.

Today's World The Using Of  Smart Phone Is Constantly Increasing. We All Use Smart phone Internet Daily.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Our Battery Drain Very Fast.

  • By Using Data Connection
  • By Increased Brightness
  • By Using Vibration Alert
  • By Using 3G 4G Services
  • By Using Lots Of Application
  • By Using Big APK Files
  • By Running Multiple Application 
So, How We Can Increase The Battery Life Of Our Android Device ???

This Are Some Very Simple And Effective Ways To Increase Mobile Battery Life 

  • Turn Off  Data Connection When Its Not Needed
  • Set Your Mobile Brightness To Auto ( Automatic )
  • Stop Using Vibrational Alert
  • Turn Off 3G 4G When Its Not Needed
  • Clear Applications After Using It
  • Don't Use Multiple Application At a Single Time Which Are Very Big In Size

Now Some Mobile Company Provide Super Saver App Along With Their Android Device.
If  You Have Super Saver Apps In Your Device. Then You Can Turned It On.
This Will Increase Your Battery Life To Very longer Time.