Vodafone Free Internet 30 GB Data Offer 2017

Vodafone Free 30GB Internet Data, Since Reliance Jio has created a panic in all the telecom companies in the country. Companies are presenting new avenues on the day to keep their customers connected. Meanwhile, Vodafone has also issued a super offer.

Under this offer, the company is offering 1GB 4G data and free calling facility only to 6 rupees per day to its customers. That is, the cost of 180 rupees per month is getting very cheap from the Prime Minister of Reliance Jio. In this offer of the company, 352 rupees will be given to prepaid users for 1 day and 1 GB data per day.

You will have to download My Vodafone App on your machine, after that you will have to click the section that appears at the bottom of the app. Here you will know whether or not the company is offering it here.