Top 3 Best Android In India 2017 With Features

Hi Friends Welcome again.  Today I want to share 3 best smartphone in India 2017. These Devices are loaded with Tons of Features.  Here are the Description below.

1. LG G6

This smartphone is now compared with the samsung flagship smartphone The galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7. it has a 5.7 inch of display with Dolby vision and HDR 10 technology which is found on television, specfications are even better on this it has a Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with a 4GB of RAM and comes with two storage options 32GB and a 64GB and yes it is also expandable upto 2TB you heard it right that is 2TB with an additional microsd card, you also dont need to carry any camera with you as it gets a dual camera setup which is 13MP wide angle and a 5-megapixel front selfie camera, and it is all powered with 3300mAh of battery and it also supports a quick charge, it is water resistance upto 1.5metre under water for next 30Mins.

2. OnePlus 3T

This is the best under a smart budget of 30k in india i cant actually find a replacement of this smartphone it is the best performance device. it has a 5.5inch of display which is a AMOLED tuchscreen with Gorilla Glass 4 , gets the same rocessor as the LG-G6 the Snapdragon 821, coupled with whooping 6GB of RAM that should be fast enough, it comes with two storage options 64GB and 128GB unfortunately cant be expandable doesnt supports any sd card. camera wise it gets a 16MP of rear and front camera, this all is powered with an 3400mAh battery which should make you day without a charge.

3. Apple iPhone 7 and 7+

The name says it all it doesnt need any kind of clarification that why it is in top 3 list, infact even being low on the specfication numbers iPhone is the smart and the best performance device even if compared to the bigger smartphones like the google pixel xl or the new Galaxy S8 this iPhone is best a one could ever have, it gets a 5.5inch of display and a dual 12MP rear camera and a 7MP of front facing camera 3GB of RAM and a 2900mAh of battery it comes with 3 storage options 32/128/256GB so now they have ditched the 16GB variant there are many reasons why apple has done that, now the specs of this phone looks too low but hey all the upper device run on Android and this is iOS this is why it doesnt need much of processors to run the os smoothly even a iPhone 5S can beat a 20000/- Moto when compared to any other android smartphones.

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