* How To Check When Your Friend Read Your Whatsapp Msg ?

How To Check When Your Friend Read Your Whatsapp Msg ?Here Are The Steps To Find The Time Of  Msg Sent In Whatsapp. Check How To Make Video Call In Whatsapp I Hope You Will Enjoy This. 


Step – 1

Just go to the conversation chat window of WhatsApp where you have typed and sent your message to him/her.

Step – 2

If towards the right side of the message, you see a single tick, it means your message has been sent from your end. If it shows a double tick there, it suggests that your message has been delivered to their mobile. If the double tick shown there turns blue, this suggests that they have read your message.

Step – 3

So, have they read your message and still there is no reply? Well might be they are busy somewhere or they have actually seen the text right now and are just thinking of typing back to you. How to know when he/she has read your text?
It’s simple – you can also get to know exactly how many minutes back have they read you.

Step – 4

Just keep that particular message pressed for a few seconds.

Step – 5

On the top, you’ll get an ‘i’ symbol there enclosed within a circle.

Step – 6

Click on that symbol.

Step – 7

You will be shown when has he/she read your message and when was it delivered.

So, from now on wards you can always check when they have read your message.

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