How To Solved Hang Problem By Clearing SD Card 100% * Working Method *

Do You Want To Run Your Android Device Smoothly & Fastly? How To Solve The hanged Problem of  A Android Mobile. Here Are Some Tips & tricks To Run Your Device Fastly... So, I Hope You Check Our Top Music Player Apps & Photo Editing Apzz

By Appling The Simple Tips You Can Easily Solve Your Android Mobile Hang Problems.
Do You Know When Android Device Got Hang ?
Here Are The Reasons:

  • Too Much App Installed.
  • Increase In Catch Size.
  • Increase In Junk File.
  • Clearning SD Card.

These Are The Main Basic reason For Hang Android Device. Download SarkarTech Apk.

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So, How To Solve This Problem?
Here Are Some Tips You Can Apply To Your Device:

1. Move apps to SD card

Android SDCARD

Most of the apps that you install from PlayStore gets installed on your phone memory. You can move most of them to SD card memory and clear up some space. But some apps like WhatsApp do not allow it. On Your Device Go to Settings > Apps and click the ON SD CARD tab. Here you can see apps that are installed on the SD CARD. There will be a tick next to it. If any app is not ticked, it is installed in Phone Memory. Just click on it and you will see an option to "Move to SD Card."
This way you will free up phone memory used for the app data.

2. Clear Cache


Now, there are some apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. that you cannot move to SD Card. These apps will have a lot of cache files that eat up memory. These are mostly the facebook pages, photos, Instagram photos you have browsed/liked. These are temporarily stored by the apps, so that it doesn't have to download them again when you decide to scroll down the timeline again. But do you really scroll down again and again? NO. You can delete them without losing any data. So, On Your Device go to Settings > Apps and click on Facebook, Instagram etc and click "
Clear Cache" . Most apps have cache, just check for it and clear.

3. Apps

Most apps don't take up that much space, but if you're a serial downloader or have half a dozen apps that you're willing to part with, it might pay to uninstall them.On your device go to Settings > Installed Applications > List of apps > click on the app you want to uninstall.Widgets and folders will also take up space on your device. Delete or deactivate any folders or widgets you aren't using in "Manage My Applications.

4.Clean Master App


Clean Master helps clean junk (junk files, space junk), cache files, junk notifications and unused RAM to improve your phone speed and performance, to free your phone space and storage! It gives your phone powerful protection by anti-virus, applock and other safe-related functions. By scanning virus and remove virus, Clean Master protects your phone from safety problem and privacy disclosure.

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