The Xiaomi Mi6's features and rates leaked, 30MP Rear camera

Xiaomi Mi6's features and rates leaked, allege to have 30MP camera

Xiaomi, after launching Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has engaged in the preparation of its new flagship in the market. Now, Xiaomi is working on Xiaomi Redmi 6. The company has hinted the launch of the smartphone till the end April 2017.

A news leaked online suggest that the smartphone variants are not only different in color, but also in their features, depending on the color. As per the reports, the phones consist of two different colors of boxes, one with black color is called the 'High-end smartphone' and one with white color is said to be 'Of Base variant'.
The reports allege that the smartphone with the 'high end' tag to have the 30MP camera. Both the smartphones are powered by the Snadragon 835 processor.

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