What Is Sim Card ? Details About Sim Card

Today everybody can get you mobile and everybody involves use it. the employment of mobile has become habitual currently and in India regarding eighty % of individuals have a smartphone.If your phone doesn't have a SIM card then the phone doesn't create any sense.Everybody is aware of the mobile SIM card, what it's and the way it works. however nowadays we are going to tell you the small print of what it's and the way it works, in such the simplest way, you'll communicate your mobile within the call and during this article we are going to tell you all the details.


What is a SIM Card?
The full name of the SIM card is Subscriber Identity Module. this can be atiny low electronic chip. once putt it into the mobile, it connects to the mobile system and it searches for a close-by GSM network with the mobile. If he gets a GSM network within the search, then he connects with it. The GSM network connects with the sender of the mobile operator and once connecting you'll call and receive the call. Whenever we have a tendency to dial range|variety} from our mobile number, it identifies the phone with a close-by GSM tower and helps in connecting it with the assistance of the data satellite of the amount you have got dialed. So how do you call someone like this? There are many other things like this: -
Sim Card

In your mobile SIM card, you can store your mobile number, your name, address and so on.
In SIM card, you can also save your friends' contact numbers, their names and their address.
With the help of SIM card, you can run the Internet in your mobile.
With the help of SIM card, you can send a message to anyone and also get the message of someone and you can also store all the messages.
With SIM card, you can also know your location. GPS shows the location you show on the MAP only with the help of SIM card.
SIM card work
Firstly it identifies the Subscriber. The identification of customer using SIM card programmed IMSI is identified. Each IMSI is mapped to a mobile number and provision is made on HLR so that the customer can be identified.
In the second process it certifies the customer. In this process, Proof is done by each customer on the basis of IMSI (stored on SIM) and RAND (Network). This is a proof that the customer has logged on to the network in a legal way and he can now use the services of the mobile service provider. SIM card is becoming a specialty of mobile work.
It can also do mobile number and SMS store.
SIM types
Two types of SIM are used in mobile, a GSM and a second CDMA.

GSM: GSM technology means Global System for Mobiles and it was first created in the 1970s. The name of this laboratory was Bell Laboratories. It works from 900 MHz and 800 Mhz to 1.8 GHz frequency band. It uses SIM Narrow Band Transmission Technique, which is a part of Time Division Access Multiplexing. Data transfer rate ranges from 16 Kbps to 120 Kbps. Now using the latest new technology, its speed has increased manifold, every technical team is making more and more on this speed and is increasing its speed.

CDMA: Its full name is Code Division Multiple Access. This is in the way of communication spread-spectrum technology. It communicates using a spacial coding technology.

PrePaid: This means that to use it you have to recharge first. If you have to call or mess with someone or you have to run the Internet in your mobile, you can initial have to place cash in your SIM card variety.

Postpaid: this implies that you just don't ought to recharge before any call or message.After obtaining the affiliation you'll ought to pay the bill each month and solely once next month you'll be ready to create a decision. this fashion the POSTPAD SIM card works.

So during this manner we are able to call or receive somebody from our mobile. owing to this we are able to grasp our location. except this, we've got given you a lot of work on SIM Card during this article.