Airtel Assam 3G Plans Details

Airtel 3G Plans ASSAM 2017 (3G Pack)

Rs.801 day30MB 3G data for 1 Day
Rs.2603 days100MB 3G data for3 Days
Rs.29030 days75 MB 2G/3G/4G data for30 days.
For tariff details,dial *121*13#.
To check balance dial *121*2#

Rs.4705 days190MB 3G data for 5 Days
Rs.5301 Night1GB 3G/4G data (00:00 to 6 AM )
Rs.9605 days1 GB 3G data
Rs.101028 days250MB 3G/4G Data
Rs.14907 Days1GB 3G for 7 Days
Rs.153028 days400MB 3G/4G Data
Rs.16907 days512MB 3G Data for 7 Days
Rs.186028 days400mb 3G/4G day & night + 400mb
 night ( 12AM - 6AM) for 28 days .
 Check balance dial *121*2#

Rs.196014 days512MB 3G/4G data for14 days
Rs.249026 days1 GB 3G/4G data
Rs.265028 days1GB 3G/4G data and wynk plus

Rs.295028 Days1.25GB to 10GB 3G/4G Data
Rs.315028 Days1.5 GB 3G Data
Rs.355028 days2 GB 3G data for28 Days
Rs.415028 Days2.5 GB 3G Data
Rs.449026 days3GB 3G data for26 Days
Rs.459028 days3GB 3G data for28 Days
Rs.496028 days3GB 3G/4G INSTANT ( 28 D)
+ 1GB 28D @ RS 124 FOR

Rs.498028 days1GB 3G Day + 5GB 3G Night
 Data for 28 Days

Rs.501028 days5GB 3G Data for 28days
Rs.515028 Days3.5 GB 3G Data
Rs.555028 Days4 GB 3G Data
Rs.655026 days5GB Unlimited 3G data for26 Days
Rs.659028 days5GB UL 3G data for28 Days
Rs.748028 days5GB 3G/4G INSTANT ( 28 D)
 + 1GB 28D @ RS 96 FOR
Rs.759028 days6GB UL 3G data for28 Days
Rs.799028 days1 GB 3G/4G data & Unlimited
 Local + STD airtel calls, 28 days
Rs.999028 days10GB UL 3G data for 28 Days
Rs.1498012 MONTHSBenefit:Instant 10GB 3G/4G
28days. Now for 1 year get
1GB 3G 28d@ just Rs53
,2GB 3G @ Rs96,
5GB 3G 28d@ Rs259 .
Dial *121*2# to check
balance& validity

Rs.2249028 days7GB 3G/4G+Unltd Loc,STD,
Roam calls+Fixedline+Music+Movie
Please Confirm To Customer care before Recharging. Airtel Customer Care Number Is 198.
Airtel 3G

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