How To Refund Back Your Money After Cutting Through Internet Browsing In Different Network ?

We all use internet in our daily life. We use many things in internet but sometime on browsing internet from different network (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Aircel, Reliance etc) our balance get deducted. Did You Understand ? I mean to say, on browsing internet pages sometime some VAS service activated in our number & as a result out balance get deducted. This is because some website contains external links to earn money from it. But when someone click in the links provided by them then some service activated in our number, because of this service activation, our service provided cut balance from our sim. But, don't worry you can easily get your deducted balance back. 

Yes, Just do the simple steps given below & they will give your deducted balance.
1. First check the service name & note it.
2. Check How much balance deducted from your sim? & note it.
3. Now, Call to the customer care. Mostly The Customer care number for sim service provider is 198 (For India)
4. After calling, Tell them that your balance was deducted etc etc & i want to deactivate it and please reverse my balance back.

(They Will Give Your Balance Back)
balance deduction
Balance deduction problem solved

But, In some case they don't refund balance. Then you ask them to transfer your call to their chief ex office. Then describe your problem to them. They will surely help you.

If They also refuse to give the balance then the last thing you can do is Just Go To There Main Website.
EX: If you are a Airtel Subscriber Then Just Type "Airtel Customer Help Email" In Google.
You will get a email address from it.
Then Email Them with your problem.
They will surely Help You.

I hope this information help you. Please Comment us about your experience.
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