How To Unroot Android Mobile By Using Apps Apk? [ 100% working Apps ]

As We Know That Many People Root His Android By Using Various Tools And Applications. But The Necessary Of rooting Is Not As Important In Using Various  Applications. But We Need To Root Our Device To Run Some Special Application To Customize One's Android Device manually. One Can Root Android Device Buy Using various Applications As Describe Below. But After Rooting We Failed To Unroot Android Mobile. So, In This Post We Will Discuss About the Applications by Using Them One Can Easily Unroot Android.

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Lets Starts...

First Application by Using It You Can Unroot Your Android.
Your Android device is rooted?
You don’t know how to unroot your Android device?
Your device is found to be unsafe?
You can’t run certain apps like streaming services, online banking or others?
You think you have to send your device in for repair?
You just want check root aceess?
simply unroot
Simply Unroot

Use Simply Unroot.
Simply Unroot is the best solution to unroot your device safely, efficiently and without a lot of effort.

All files needed for root access will be removed from the system partition and previously created backup files will be restored.

Unroot service cost ~ 2,50$. You can use it with all your devices how often you want.

Personal data will not be delated and eFuse Chip or Samsung status will not be restored to Official.
There is no guarantee that OTA Update errors will be fixed.
Almost all devices and superuser apps are supported.

Be sure you have full read/write permissions on /system partition.

Download Simply Unroot.Apk

Second Application To Unroot Your Andorid
Name: Unroot My Phone
Simply click on the 'Unroot' button and the app will take care of the rest. After the process is finished the device will be rebooted automatically. This process is PERMANENT - cannot be undone.
Know your device: This app displays some information about your device such as: Kernel, CPU, Brand, Model, Board, SDK version and hardware
unroot my phone

1- This app is for ROOTED devices please make sure you have any superuser app installed as a system app in order to grant access.
2- Tested on MTK6575, MTK6582 Rooted Devices.

compatible with all other devices

Download And Install Unroot My Phone APK

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