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Best Seller Power Bank From Amazon india 2018

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Philips DLP10406 10400mAh Power Bank With Li-Ion Battery
Price: 1,887 Rs
Philips power bank 2018

 Basic Details:
USB Port: 2- Output
Battery type:Li-lon 18650 2600maH*4
Input: Micro USB 5V/2A
Output:5V/2.1A, 5V/1A
Accessories:1 USB Cable.


iVOOMi PB20K IV-PBP20BLK 20000mAH Power Bank 

Price: 1,200 Rs.


Output Efficiency: Greater than 85 percent, Recharge Time: 12 hrs
Short Circuit Protection, Certificate: CE, FCC, ROHS
Automatic Discharge Current When Fully Charged, LED Indicators
1 year.

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ACID EYE Universal Charging 15600 mAH Power Bank with digital meter.
Price: 1,199 Rs.

acid eye powerbanks
Capacity: 15600mAH lithium-ion Which Gives You Lond Lasting Battery Life
Octagonal shape and Power Bank should be completely charged before using it.
Recharge your device's battery on the go
Indicative LED lights Which Shows the Charging Level

Bar shape torch light with clear white light.

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Ambrane P-1310 13000mAH Power Bank (Black-Gold)

Price: 999 Rs. 

power bank

Some Technical Details About The PowerBank

  • 13000mAH long lasting battery capacity
  • Dual output for charging
  • Samsung/LG lithium-ion cells
  • Equipped with torch light
  • 1 year warranty
  • The battery conversion capacity is 70-75% of the power bank

Pebble PB66 20000mAH Powerbank (White)

Price: 1999 Rs.

Pebble PB66 20000mAH Powerbank (White)

  • 20000mAH lithium-ion battery
  • Sleek elegant design, easy to carry - travel-sized portability, perfect for backpacks or on-the-go, it's the best way to stay charged and ready on both land and air
  • Very high capacity 20000mAH - power your digital devices for days, meet all your needs
  • 2 output i. e one with 1A output and second with 2.1 A with Quick charging technology to charge two devices at once, because sharing is caring.
  • Protection against short circuit, over-charging and over discharging - world-class chips built into the power bank are not only safer, but improve conversion rate and stabilize discharging voltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensors to optimize efficiency and durability
  • Grade A+ Li-ion batteries - good safety performance, high precision, effectively improve the conversion rate of charge
  • Quick charge

Mi PLM05ZM 20000mAH Power Bank 2 (White)

Price: 1999 Rs

Mi PLM05ZM 20000mAH Power Bank 2 (White)

  • Lithium polymer battery makes it more durable and optimises charging efficiency
  • Experience ultra-fast charging Quick Charge 3.0 support when charging one device or 5.1V/3.6A support when charging two devices at once
  • 20000mAH Mi power bank 2 plays well with others, including devices from Mi, Apple, Samsung and more
  • Dual USB output and it can also charge some USB-C laptops
  • 14000mAH output capacity with 93 percent conversion rate
  • Superior hand feel and overall quality improvements are achieved with the usage of high quality, PC + ABS and the perforated exterior provides a comfortable yet scratch and slip resistant hold, Scratch and Slip resistant due to usage of high quality PC+ABS material