20 Tips and Tricks of Realme Mobile (Android Mobile)

Hi Friends, today in this post, I will give you complete information about 20 Tips and Tricks of Realme Mobile. The Realme is a well-known mobile brand, its mobile is known for its good specification. The company offers good features at a low price. So it grows quickly on the Indian market. So here, I am going to discuss the best useful tips & tricks of the Realme smartphone.


20 Tips and Tricks of Realme Mobile.

#1. How To On Dark Mode On Realme Mobile?


The dark mode is a very useful feature of the phone, If you turn it on, it will make your mobile battery life increase. To activate this feature, you will have to follow these simple steps.


Open the Notification bar of your mobile (Slide the screen from top to bottom.) > Now click on activate Dark Mode > Done!


If you can’t find it, follow these steps.


Setting> Display & Brightness> Dark Mode> Tap To Activate.


#2. How to do Screen Recording in Realme Mobile with Internal Sound?


After the latest Android updates, Realme has added internal sound recording features in its mobile, with the help of this you can record both the gaming sound of your mobile and your own voice simultaneously.


To activate the screen recording features simply open your notification panel, and click in the screen recording button.


How to Record internal sound?


For this, you follow these steps. Setting> Additional Setting> Screen Recording>


Here you will get two options: Record System Sound & Record Microphone Sound.


Now Enable Both Of Them & Click Ok. After that, you can record your own voice + mobile internal sound simultaneously. Use headphones for a clear voice at the time of recording.


#3. How to use Gamespace in Realme Mobile?


Realme Provides Gamespace to enhance your gaming experience. It has all the features like notification block, call block, competition mood, etc. Just turn it on and enjoy gaming.


Follow these steps to open the GameSpace.


Setting> Game Space> Tap on Game Assistant.


Now select any of them Competition mode, Balance mode, Low power mode. If you are a professional gamer then play games on competition mode.


#4. How To Change Themes in Realme Mobile?


There is a Dedicated Theme Store in Realme Mobile, you will find the theme store in the menu of your mobile. By using it, you can change your mobile theme easily.

You can also change Fonts, Wallpapers, Lock Screen, Finger Print Icon, etc.


#5. How to Clone Application in Realme Mobile?


Using App Cloner you can easily clone Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp on your Realme phone. After cloning you can have 2 accounts on the same mobile. One for your office work and another for your personal. This a useful features, To activate it Follow These Steps-


Go to Setting > App Cloner > Click On Any App To Clone > Done!


After cloning, your mobile will automatically display 2 applications & you can use both applications at the same time.


#6. How to Activate the Developer Option in Realme Mobile?


You can do all the Secret tips and tricks of Android Mobile by activating the developer option. If you have proper knowledge about the function of Android mobile, then only you enable it. Otherwise, leave it.


Follow these steps to activate the developer option-


Setting> About Phone> Version> Click 7 Times on Version. (Clicking 7 times will activate your developer option.)


If you want to deactivate the developer option, follow these steps-


Settings> Additional Setting> Developer Option> Disable Developer Option.


#7. How to Update Realme Mobile to the latest Android version?


Follow this step to update your Realme Mobile to the latest version …


Setting> Software Update> Click on Updates.


If the updates are available then you can download them by clicking on the download button & after that click on install updates.


How To Update Android Mobile To Its Latest Version?


#8. How to activate Face Unlock features in Realme Mobile?


If you have to unlock your mobile repeatedly, then by using this face unlock feature you can unlock your mobile easily. For this, you will have to set your face on your mobile and after that, your mobile will automatically unlock from your face.


Follow these steps to activate Face Unlock.


Setting> Finger Print, Face & Password> Add Face.


After that, Set your unlock password using face.


#9. How to activate High-Performance Mood in Realme Mobile?


If you do a heavy task on your mobile, then by enabling this feature, your mobile will become faster. If you activate high-performance mode in your mobile, then your battery consumption will be Increased, but your mobile performance will get boosted.


Follow these steps to activate it.


Setting> battery> performance Mood> High-Performance Mood.


#10. How to Factory Reset Realme Mobile?


Follow these steps to do Factory Reset in Realme Mobile.


Setting> Additional Setting> Backup & Reset> Erase All Data (Factory Reset)


Please note: By resetting the factory, all the data of your mobile will be deleted & the new mobile will become like new.


#11. How to Turn on Split Screen Option in Realme Mobile?


You can easily run 2 apps at the same time by using the split-screen option. For example, you will be able to watch YouTube videos and Facebook at the same time.


Follow these steps to enable the Split Screen option.


Setting> Split Screen> Enable All.


After this is enabled, you can divide your mobile screen into 2 parts by sliding 3 fingers from the bottom of the mobile screen to the Top, and you will be able to run 2 applications on that Split Screen.


#12. How to Set the Hindi Language in Realme Mobile?


There are so many Indian languages present on Realme smartphones, if you wish you can use your device in your own regional language. To Set your own language follow the below steps-


Setting> Language & Region> Language> Select Language ( Ex- Hindi ).


#13. How To Activate the Eye Care/Eye Comfort Option in Realme Mobile?


This feature is very useful while using your mobile at night. If you enable Eye comfort then the Blue Light filter will be activated on your smartphone, and your eye will receive less strain.


Slide the Notification Bar of your mobile and open it and click on the Eye Care/Eye Comfort Option.


#14. How to use Inbuilt Antivirus in Realme Mobile?


Nowadays, inbuilt antivirus features and are given in most of the Realme devices. Follow these steps to scan your device with inbuilt Antivirus.


Go to the Main Menu in the mobile, and then open up Phone Manager, and click on Virus scan.


#15. How to Activate Dolby Atmos Sounds in Realme Mobile?


Dolby Atmos sound features can be used to play music on headphones, external soundbox, home theaters to enhance your music listening experience at a higher level.


Follow these steps to activate the Dolby Atmos feature.


Setting> Sound & Vibration> Dolby Atmos.


After that, you can select all the MIX options and Sound options.


#16. How to change the Navigation Bar of Realme Mobile?


Follow these steps to change the navigation bar.


Setting> Convenience Tools> Navigation Buttons> Select Navigation Buttons.


#17. How to Turn on Realme Mobile’s Assistive Ball?


An assistive ball is a floating ball, with which you can access ups your device, take screenshots, open recent apps, etc. To activate it, follow these steps.


Setting> Convenience Tools> Assistive Ball.


#18. How to Activate Realme Mobile’s Smart Sidebar?


Smart Sidebar is very useful to do multitasking quickly. Once you enabled it, you’ll be able to see a white vertical line on the side right side of your phone. Slightly swipe it to the left and the Smart Sidebar will show. To activate it follow these steps-


Setting> Convenience Tools> Smart Sidebar> Click on Activate.


#19. How to Take Screenshots in Realme Mobile?


To take a screenshot in Realme Mobile, Just press and hold Volume Down Button + Power Button simultaneously. In this process, your mobile system will capture your full-screen view & make it an image file. You can check your screenshot on your mobile gallery.


#20. How to activate the Do Not Disturb service in Realme Mobile?


If you are doing any important work, then these feature is useful for you. This will make your mobile silent, the vibration mood will be off. If you want, you can block your notifications also.


Follow these steps to activate Do Not Disturb.


Setting> Do Not Distrub> Tap to Activate.


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I hope you liked this information, But please note, All the Features listed here are not present on all Realme smartphones. Share this with your friends. Thank you, Jai Hind.

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