External Selfie Flash Light For Android Mobile Buy Now@150Rs Only

Buddy 16 LED Selfie Flash Light with 3.5mm Pin Jack.

  • PHOTRON portable LED LIGHT provides the same daylight color temperature as popular professional xenon flashes, so you get natural-looking skin tones, the right depth, and soft shadows,taking photo is no longer an issue at night.
  • Continuous LED light, no heat and with a bright light in low light scene.It also can be used as a simple flashlight or a small emergency lamp.
  • Tiny and fashion design for all smart phone and digital camera. Can be easily carried in pocket or bag and shoot in wherever you want.Easily mount on your phone with the headphone plug or clip, or handheld in any angle.
  • With built-in lithium battery and is able to provide 45 minutes continuous LED light with no heat,no red eye,free App IOS + Android.The earphone plug adapter is compatible with all smartphones/tablets with 3.5mm earphone plug.
  • Simple for creative lighting: Provides supplemental or side lighting for creative photography and videography.

Price: 150 Rs.( Changeable)

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 38mm (height) x 38mm (width) x 10mm (thickness).
  • Light effect: 16PCS LED bulb.
  • Battery: Capacity 200 mAh,Up to - 500 cycles.

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