font style in whatsapp

How To Change Font Style In Whatsapp Messages?

Welcome again friends, In this post, I am explaining about the Whatsapp Tips To change your Text Fonts. By using this process you can change your WhatsApp messing style to BOLD, ITALICS, and Cutmark. 

This is a simple Trick. Let me explain it to you.

Just Open Whatsapp and Type any message.

For Example, Good Morning.

bold text whatsapp

 Now, you can Bold This Text by Typing *Good Morning* ( Adding * On Both Side Of The Text) 
and Click on the send button. This Will Display Like Good Morning.

Again If you want to change the font into italic font Then you have to add the sign _Good Morning_. Good Morning.

italic text whatsapp

Again If you want to Add a cut mark in your text In Whatsapp Msg then add ~Good Morning ~. ( Use ~ This Symbol On Both Side Of The Messages ) Good Morning.

cutmark text whatsapp

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