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How To Enable Low-Frequency Mood In JBL?

Hi Dosto, How are you? After a long Time, I Am posting an article. I hope you like this post. This Post, I will explain all the Hidden features of portable JBL speakers. 

JBL is a Powerful Speaker, If your Budget is High then you can Go for it.

jbl features

There are many series of JBL Bluetooth speakers & the price may vary from 1,500 Rs To 35,000 Rs Depending upon the model of Speakers.

1. JBL Clip 3.
2. JBL Go.
3. JBL Go +.
4. JBL Xtreme.
5. JBL Xtreme 2.
6. JBL Boombox.
7. JBL Flip 2.
8. JBL Flip 3.
9. JBL Flip 4.
10. JBL Pulse 3.

So, Let's Go to the main Tropic. If You Have One of These Speakers Then You Can Activate The Hidden Feature Of JBL Speaker. And The Hidden Features Is LOW-FREQUENCY MOOD. If You Activate Low-Frequency mood in this speaker, then your BASS respond will increase so much.

How To Activate Low Frequency In JBL?

You can easily activate JBL low-Frequency Mood By Clicking On Bluetooth Pairing Button And Volume Down Button At The Same Time For 5 sec To 10 Sec.

Again, If You Want to Deactivate This Features Then Do The Same Process Again.

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