charge your android mobile

Tips To Charge Mobile Phone Quickly.

You Can Easily Charge Your Android Mobile Very Quickly By Following This Simple Method.

Fast Charging Rapid Charge

Use The Rapid Charging Feature To Get Your Mobile Phone Charge Faster Then Before.

So, How To Use The Rapid Charging Features?

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Follow This:

1. Plug In Your Charger To Your Phone.

2. Now Go to The Device Setting.

3. Select The "Battery Setting" Option.

4. Now Tick ✔️ On The Rapid Charging Box.

You're Done.

Here Are Some More Tips:-
    • Enable airplane mode. One of the biggest draws.
    Simply Open Your Mobile Phone Setting And Turn On Airplane Mode Or Flight Mood & Then After Plug Your Charger. You, Will, See Your Mobile Phone Will Change Faster Then As Usual.
    • turn off your phone.
    If You Want to charge more fast charging then you can just switch off your mobile and plugin to the charger. This will help you to increase your charging speed.
    • Make sure charging mode is enabled.
    If your mobile phone comes with the feature "Charging Mode", Then enable it. It will Increase your charging speed.
    • Use a wall socket.
    Instead of Using Laptop Or Other Power sourcing device you must plug in your charger to the Wall Socket. 
    • Buy Power Bank.
    If you use a power bank with High Amps Rating Then This Will Definitely Increase your Charging Speed.
    • Avoid wireless charging.
    If your mobile phone has wireless charging features then you can use it but it will slow down your charging speed. So, to increase your charging speed you must charge it directly with a charger.
    • Use a high-quality cable.
    Use a High quality charging cable for charging your device. If you use a low-quality USB cable to charge your device this will definitely slow down your charging speed. So, I recommended you to use a high-quality USB cable To increase your charging speed.