How To Use Hotstar On Your PC Or Laptop?

Now you can use the Hotstar app/website all service on your computer or laptop.
Download Hotstar for your PC / Laptop (official) - Also use in your Mac operating system supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Here we can give you a total of 3 methods after the Windows and Mac users can enjoy the Hotstar App service.

So Hotstar PC Free Download is available here. Unfortunately, this company has not yet launched any home or Mac version for the computer. So we will take advantage of Hotstar in some simple way.

The Hotstar app is available only for the Android platform if you have a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system, then you can definitely use the Hotstar official app in your mobile devices.

There we are going to use 3 different ways to enjoy Hotstar in PC or Laptop.

  • Hotstar Via Emulator
  • Memu player method
  • Hotstar Phone to PC Connection
  • Install Remix Android OS
  • Plus 2 emulator paths
  • Hotstar PC Application

See Hotstar in your PC (HD Quality)

Hotstar PC Live 2019 - If you watch any video for Android users for free, but there are some premium videos, then to see those people who should subscribe to Premium Hotstar Pack starting at 365 / year.

If you already have a master account, you do not need to download any X file or emulator to see the Hotstar, without a Bluestacks PC for the hot stars. Just visit the website using Google Chrome or Firefox or any other browser.

Then log in to the Hotstar account using the registered mail and password. After all, enjoy the service @ 365 per year

Short Notice HotStar App / Website
This is the official app of Star TV Company, it does not have all the Indian Start TV channels, Serial Movies and much more, which only watch live TV and sports on Hotstar.

At present, the Hotstar live telecast of the IPL match (Indian Primer League) in this 2019 you can watch the IPL in your PC with Hotstar.

So download the Hotstar without downloading it for free at the wasted PC or Laptop. As we told you that there is no official XI or Mac file here, so we will try to install it on your computer.

1. First - BlueStacks emulator method -


BlueStacks - What is an X software (emulator for PCs) If you have a minimum of 1 GB RAM and a dual-core processor, then you can definitely download the BlueStick application from the bottom of your PC link. The Hotstar app for Windows 7 32 bit Free Download.

Download here

Exe file size is approximately 500MB as the latest update. After downloading it install it on your PC or laptop. Download the Hotstar app for the PC Windows 7 Ultimate from the above link

After installing the app, a short train menu is automatically stored on your desktop. Open the Bluetooth app.

Use Of BlueStacks emulator.

Now this will take some second to open softwood (proximity to 40 seconds based on the speed of your PC)

After opening it will load some time and demand for a Google Account. Create a Google Account or Exit Account

Then open Playstore user Bluetooth emulator and then search for "hotstar" when it will appear. Click on it and open it

Then open the hotstars and enjoy all the service as your android mobile. Apart from this, you can watch Live IPL, Cricket and Football match live.

2. Second - the Memu Player method.

memu player

One of the most important highlights of the MEMU Android emulator is its standout, both for MD and Nvidia chips. Similarly, Bolsters Divers Android Variants like Android Jelly Bean, Kit Cat, and Lollipop

Click here

While the MAMU has advocated superior gaming, the designing execution is minor. I saw paradoxes and lack of lubrication with players of other applications.

1. Download the menu player first with the download link below

2. Open a 400KB Exe file well Download the file and install it

3. Using the Internet Open App and Installed Full Version Full file version 270MB

4. Now login via Google Account

5. Open Play store and download Hotstar apk file

6. Open Hotstar app through Facebook and log in

7. Now enjoy all the Hotstar service for free on your computer or PC or laptop.

3. Third method Live Video Transfer Phone to PC (Cast Screen)

live video transfer

Cast screen is the best way to transfer your mobile display video to your PC or laptop. In this case, you need WiFi hotspot on both computer and mobile.

Open Phone Settings and Open Cast Options> Wireless Connection

Open your PC / Laptop Geto Cast Screen option and attach your PC to the phone

Now play games, video apps on your PC or computer on the phone

Play HotStar videos like this, match, etc. and watch it on your laptop.

More ways to use Hotstars in PC
This was the most popular method of the above 3 methods. If you are unable to use any of the above methods, then you can use more method than the steps given below

Method 4 - Remix OS

remix os

Download Remix OS This is the full operating Android OS for PC or Windows laptop. Download this operating system and enjoy all Android apps on your PC. Use the HotStar app on full HD resolution too.

5. Method - Nox Player installed in your PC

nox player

It's a high-performance Exe system that will run on your PC like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, PC system, which is designed for Android games so that the user can know that the Hotstar app is too sleek in that emulator.

Download Nox Player.

Last Description for PC Exe Download HotStar
(5 methods) Download HotStar on PC Laptop Official .exe

Hotstar is the most popular app for Android users, as is not available on PC or computer so we are giving some above methods.