Call Forwarding & Call Waiting Service In JIO.

Activate call forwarding in Jio Mobile.
So the best option on Jio Phone is to use Star code and provide 10 digit number where you can forward the call.

How can I activate the call waiting?

The call waiting feature comes pre-activated on Jio SIMs. If you have deactivated, you can again activate it by dialing *411 from your Jio mobile number.

Unconditional call forwarding - * 401 * <10 digit number>
Call forwarding - no answer - * 403 * <10 digit number>
Call forwarding - Busy - * 405 * <10 digit number>
Call conditional call forwarding - Not accessible - * 409 * <10 digit number>
Disable call forwarding in Jio Phone
Call unconditionally - * 402
Call Forwarding - No Answer- * 404
Call forwarding - Busy - * 406
Call conditional call forwarding - Not accessible - * 410
All Forwarding - * 413

Activate Call Waiting in Jio Phone?


Call waiting is enabled on all JIo phones, so you do not have to activate it separately. However, you can still go to Settings> Call> Advance Settings> Waiting and see if it's the inactive mode or not.

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However, remember that cellular network providers need to be supported. If you are not able to activate it for any reason, you need to call your operator. Call waiting and forwarding are the most commonly used settings because they offer to avoid instances of which you miss the call.