Boost Internet Speed

Increase Your Internet Speed.

There is no denying that the Internet today plays an important role in human life. In the recent scenario, life cannot be imagined in a computer system or smartphone without an Internet connection. With the help of the Internet, all kinds of activities and activities can be done because the connection has succeeded in bringing different corners of the world together.

How to Increase Internet Speed

Whatever is the area of ​​life, everyone needs an internet connection in their smartphone or computer system. Students need access to effective study material and take online tutorials. It is necessary for the youth groups of the people to complete their office hours and other various tasks. We all need it for endless entertainment in the form of music, sports, video and more.

Due to the importance of internet connection, its services cannot be enjoyed unless the internet connection speed is up to the mark. For example, if you are using an internet connection on your mobile phone and you need access to YouTube If the internet connection is very slow, you will be irritated and your purpose may not be complete.

If you are facing slow Internet speed or connection in your Android device, then you can take some effective tips to promote mobile internet speed. Here are some ways to speed up mobile data.

Check the Cache in Your Phone & Clear All The Cache.

clear cache data in browser

If you are experiencing the slow speed of the internet in your phone and do not know how to speed up your phone, then you should initially check the cache in your smartphone. Many times, after accessing various websites and downloading various apps on the phone, the speed of the Internet in the smartphone is slow or deteriorated due to filling cash memory on the mobile phone. Therefore, users should clean up their mobile phone's cache memory to promote mobile internet speed.

Uninstall the Unused Apps

The presence of many useless and unwanted apps in the smartphone reduces mobile phone performance in terms of speed and internet connection. Therefore, to speed up mobile data, users can remove or uninstall all unnecessary apps from their mobile phones. After doing this, you can refresh your smartphone by clearing extra cache memory. This process will ensure better internet connection in the case of mobile data and increase internet speed in smartphones.

Enable Maximum Data Loading Option

This can be another effective technology to increase mobile internet speed in smartphones. For this, you will have to go to the network settings in particular on the mobile phone and then after GPRS transfer preference call priority, users will have to choose the data to like. This will enable the maximum data loading setting in the smartphone and users can be sure to increase the speed of Internet or data connection in the respective Android mobile phones.

Select Network Connection to Only 3G

As a smartphone user with internet data pack in the smartphone, you should be aware of the fact that 3G internet speed is better than 2G. With recent technological advances, 4G has exceeded all Internet connection speeds and ensures high internet and data connection speed in Android smartphones. To speed up the mobile data connection in the desired smartphone, users can increase the network settings of their mobile phones.

network connection

For this, they have to select the preferred network connection for 3G or 4G rather than 2G. This will reflect them how to speed up mobile data quickly and very easily.

Change your APN, 2 or 3 are provided by your mobile operator.

You can find Apn in the mobile network in your phone's settings.

Selection Of Network

Select a single network type, this option is also available in mobile networks, choose either LTE or WCDMA(4g or 3g). If your facing problem in doing this try, open your phone dialer type *#*#4636#*#*. Then a menu will open, select phone settings (name may differ according to phones), scroll down you will find a list, select LTE only or WCDMA only.

And now the best trick, but this trick will only apply to rooted phones. Download the Network Signal Guru app from Play Store, this app will help you choose a single frequency, which has the highest stability and high speed (4G uses different frequencies, for b3, b5, b40 JIO users Good, 3G does not use more frequencies). Open the app, then open Settings, select Band Locking and select the frequency with which it is the highest speed, you can also test each instance.