mobile to laptop internet share

Mobile To Laptop Internet Share Via Wifi.

To Share Internet connection with your laptop or personal computer you must have wife hotspot in your mobile device. By using wifi hotspot you can share your Internet with your laptop very easily. But Your Laptop Must Have Inbuilt Wifi Driver.

Step1: Open Your Mobile Phone setting.
Step2: Now Goto The Personal Hotspot.

mobile setting tab

Step3: Now Turn On The Wifi Hotspot.

wifi hotspot screen

NOTE: If by default a password is added in your wifi hotspot then note down it. The password will be required to authenticate your Laptop or pc.

Now Open You Pc or laptop.

In The Right corner Below On Screen, You will see a Network Connection Symbol.
Click On the Icon.

pc wifi

  • Enter Your Wifi Password.
  • And Connect with Your Mobile Device.

If You Are Facing Any Problem To Connect Your PC with your mobile phone internet, Then Comment Below We will Help You.

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