radiation of smartphones

Smartphones Radiation Chart.

In today's era, the smartphone has become a necessity. Through our smartphone, many of our tasks are quite easy. Whenever we buy a new smartphone, we certainly look at its features. What is the smartphone's camera, the sound quality is okay or not, how good it is to use the Internet, the storage capacity is low or more ... but all of these things take care of, but how about the smartphone environment? People are hardly interested in this. At the same time, a list has been revealed, in which the maximum radiation generating smartphone has been reported.

Mi smartphones


The risk of radiation is found in almost all smartphones. But through the German Fideller Office of Radiation Protection, the list of the most dangerous smartphones has been released for radiation. In this list, the smartphones of Shaomi and One Plus are at the forefront. These are the smartphones in the list, which gives the maximum radiation.

radiation chart


There are 16 smartphones in this list, the first of which is Shaomi Mi A1. The radiation emits the most from this smartphone. The typical billion ration rate (SAR) of this phone is 1.75 watts per kilogram. On the other hand, Shaomai Mi Max 3 with one plus 5 t with 1.68 watts per kilogram and 1.58 watt per kilogram on the third number. There are four smartphones with four smartphones on this list of 16 smartphones. Apart from this, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 are also included in this list.

least ration chart


At the same time, Samsung's smartphone has sold in the list of low radiation. The list of 16 smartphones with low radiation comprises of eight Samsung smartphones. There is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the top, which has a specific billionaration rate (SAR) of 0.17 watts per kilogram.