These Bass Boosted Android Apps Are Used To Increase Your Mobile Phone Song Bass Quality. You Can Use This Apps To Play Music And Video In Home Theater, Mobile Phone Or Any Other Android Device.

#1 Bass Booster & Equalizer.

Improve the sound quality of your Android device with Bass Boost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Never do your music or video as before.
Bass Booster lets you adjust the sound effects levels so that you can take out your music, audio, or video from your device.

Bass boosted

Main characteristics:
* Bass Boost Effect
* Stereo surround sound effect
* Five band equalizer
* 10 predefined equations (general, classic, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock)
* Customizable preset
* 16 color themes
* Notification Control
* Cool spectrum
* 3 widgets (1x1, 1x1, 2x2)

Works with most music and video players. Simple Installation and Use:
1. Effects for music or audio
* Turn on the music player and play your music
* Turn on the bass booster app and adjust the sound level and frequency.
* Insert headphones for a great result
* To close the application and turn it back on from the status bar, press the button near the notification

2. Effects for video
* Compared to the sound level and frequency, just like the effects for music or audio, let it run in the background.
* Turn on the video player and play your video
* You must get a good effect sound effect for the video

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#2 Bass Booster.

Bass Booster


★ bass booster
★ 5 band equalizer (6 on some phones)
★ 20 presets
★ customizable preset

Pro Features

★ Unlimited custom presets
★ Widgets (2x1)
★ Profile Homescreen Shortcuts
★ Detection of autodetecting
★ Taskar Plugin
★ virtualizer
★ music visualizer
★ Reverb (beta! It does not work on most phones, so it can be removed)
★ Automatic preset on incoming calls
★ 4 topics
★ start on phone boot

Most of the issues are due to the interface of Android and Constructors, not the app! It's almost impossible for such an app to work on every device.

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#3 Bass Booster, Volume Booster - Music Equalizer.

Improve the sound quality for your Android device with the best equalizer app for Android, True Global Equalizer, bass booster, volume booster, and surround sound.
You can select the sound effect immediately by default preset. Swipe feature of UI and bass booster and volume booster allows you easy control of the music player. Experiment with headphones for best results, quality of unprecedented sound.

Bass Booster, Volume Booster - Music Equalizer

Features of Music Equalizer App๐ŸŽš️๐ŸŽš️๐ŸŽš️

- ★★★★★ -
Q volume Eq
Levels Five-Band Equalizer lets you adjust sound effects levels so that you can take out your music or audio from your phone.

⭐ Equalizer presets
Folk includes general, classical, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, pop, and rock. It provides you powerful eq and different tones. Save and edit on equalizer presets.

Er Volume Booster
▪ Media sound (music, video); notification sound; Ringtone; Alarms, Both Headphone Volume Booster and Earphone Volume Booster

Oster Bass Booster
Oding is the most professional bass, thanks to the professional audio decoding technique, the bass booster will improve the quality of your sound, resulting in the best music you can enjoy.

⭐ rich spectrum
Or you can see your sound or music scene, all sound electrodes move according to the audio rhythm.

Volume Booster Shortcut
Off Widgets Create one button to turn the equalizer on / off for your phone.

⭐ Highlights
▪VIEW Virtualizer
▪️ Stereo led the VU meter
With most works with music and video player.

๐ŸŽถ Music Equalizer App Installation and Use:
๐ŸŽ› 1. Effects on music or audio
▪ PLAY your music player and play your music
Run the Izer Equalizer and Bass Booster app then adjust the sound level and frequency.
. Keep on headphones for best results

๐ŸŽ›️ 2. Effects on the video
Or like the effect of music or audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, then, let it run in the background.

▪ You must get a good effect sound effect for the video

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#4 Bass Booster - Music Sound EQ.

Bass Booster will enlarge your bass at max and you are providing it with a better quality sound wherever you are! Just turn on your music player and open the bass booster. Click on the "speaker" icon and adjust the bass level as you wish. You immediately receive a clear and strong bass sound. Boost your voice and boost your music volume!

Bass Booster - Music Sound EQ

You can customize your music listening experience for two additional sound effects (in options):

• A virtualizer that can make you feel an audio live concert in just one click.
• An equalizer to adjust the frequencies of bass and all your favorite songs
Click on the icon, control and enjoy! To customize a music listening experience, use headphones or external speakers.

You can also change the color of your bass buster (in option):
- Galactic Blue, on fire, army ... Select the color that matches your style!
- Make your color thanks to the special adaptation tool!

✓ A bass booster: Click on the speaker icon to maximize your bass volume and increase the quality of your sound
Sound Duper Virtualizer: The duo will turn your sound into more depth and echo and make you feel like you are in a concert. (in-app purchase)
Wave Equalizer: Thanks to this equalizer, play with your music frequencies. Adjust both bass and trails according to your liking and enjoy the experience of listening to customized music. (in-app purchase)
✓ App Customization: Please change the color of your app's background.
Actions A very simple and intuitive interface for powerful sensations.
✓ Control on media volume
(Widgets available for three effects (Bass Boost, Virtualizer, and Equalizer), to help you improve your listening quality with your music player.
Background can play in the background

Bass Booster: A Musical Equalizer and Sound Volume Booster
More bass, more sensations

1GB RAM Minimum Recommended


We are not responsible for anything your phone, your audio device or anything that can be done for you! Do not listen with very full sound volume or bass boost for a long time. This app can damage your device or listening. Use it wisely!
This software is provided "as is" by copyright holders and contributors, and for any purpose, no express or implied warranty, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness, has not been rejected. In no event shall the copyright owner or Contributor be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential loss, arising from the use of this software in any way, even if there is a possibility of such disadvantages.

While downloading this application, you agree that we reject any responsibility as a result of the use of this software.

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#5 Equalizer & Bass Booster : Music Sound Equalizer.

The best equalizer and bass booster app for Android, which will help you to increase your base. The app provides one ten band equalizer which can be tweaked with the user's interests as well as the present, which can be easily used. With a friendly interface, volume booster, music equalizer and sound booster give you the flexibility to adjust the soundtrack. It is made with five band stabilizers. The app is useful for increasing volume when you make a video call in the social networking app.

new bass booster

Equalizer- Music Bass Booster Sound will increase the volume for Android when I want to launch the speaker on my phone or when I want loud music volume boost and bass. This is a simple, minimalistic app that has a volume and bass booster control in one place. This app can increase the volume on the phone with only one tap without distorting the sound. This is another bass boosting app which enhances sound quality and has various bass boosting options. So you can create a great voice while listening to music, the app is amazing and does its job on online phones with its best-looking movies, friends. Presets included in these best bass booster app improve your phone's sound quality. Bass Booster allows you to adjust the sound effects levels so that you can make the most of music, audio or video coming from your device. Like the effect of music or audio, adjust the sound level and frequency, let it run in the background.

Highlights of Equalizer and Bass Booster - Music Sound Equal Equ

๐ŸŽต Music amplifier equalizer sound booster
๐ŸŽต Music EQ enables the soundtrack to be adjusted
๐ŸŽต Virtualizer effect
๐ŸŽต Equalizer Sound booster
. Turn on / off music player with volume enhancement
Ved sound quality
เค•ो Control sound and flexible controls
Player Many Preset Equalizer Sound Booster and Music Player
๐ŸŽต10 provides the equalizer preset

Ost Boost Bass and Volume Booster Loud

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