Mistake We Do On Our Android. It Slows down our Android.

android tips

Here is the list according to my thoughts

1. Regularly search the best app on the Internet and install many apps, which they eventually use for maximum 2 days after downloading.

2. Turn on DATA, GPS, WIFI, BLUETOOTH and do not forget to switch if not needed and they blame android for battery damage.

3. Download all kinds of launchers that offer cool animations. OK, I accept that the animation is cool, but it takes a lot of memory and causes your phone to be less.

4. We think Android phones will be affected by the virus and We install two or three antivirus apps. I recommended you to use only 1 antivirus app. 

5. Decorates the home screen with a whole bunch of widgets that seem cool but they carry a lot of data and batteries because they keep on continuously and refresh in the background so that things stay updated. Here again they blame Android for battery draining.

6. Nowadays, the Android phone gets dirty in Rs. 3000 and you get the Android phone. People buy a phone at a price of Rs 10000 or less as it has been said that it has 8 core processors and they want it to perform like Samsung Galaxy S6 as there are also 8 cores in it. They do not use the clock speed and high-capacity motherboards. Some even claim that they have bought a cheap phone at the same price and ridiculed the people holding a high device. Fierce fame !!

7. Download some applications and start using it without knowing that its defect is on the developer, like it has developed some nonsense and then uninstalled the app, it happens with most
To do the most important mistake of making people in Android, they all do what they eat and put the blame on Android "All Android phones are like they can not handle batteries".

8. Downloading unnecessary apps and then complaining that their device is slow.

9. Routing their device without any concrete requirement. Just because many people do it because many people do it.

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