Android Mobile Fast Charger Below 300 Rs

Best Mobile Charger Below 300 Rs In India.

 *  Ambrane AWC-38.

Ambrane AWC-38

1) It is a Best Seller Product From Flipkart.

2) Power Of This Charger is 5V-2.1A.

3) It Can Be Used For All Types Of Android Mobile Device.

4) Cable Length of This Charger Is 1 m.

5) You Can Buy This Charger At Rs 299.

 *  Fast 2.5 Amp Charger.

Fast Charger

1) Designed to charge Most Handheld devices and Smartphones.

2) Charge any USB powered devices at top speed continuously.

3) It Loaded With  Over-current, Short-circuit, and Over-temperature IC That protects your device.

4) Auto Cut System On Over Heating of device & charger.

5) It has an Auto Detects features that detect the connected device and charges it at the fastest speed of the device.

6) It is Made for Indian sockets, the wall charger lets you plug in without the need for an adapter.

7) Price Of This Charger is 185 Rs.

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 *  HTC E250 USB Wall Charger.

HTC Charger

1) Smart technology provides protection from overcharging, keeping your device safe from hazards.

2) Suitable For Maximum Android Device.

3) Price Of This Charger Is Very Low You Can Buy It Around 149 Rs.

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 *  Portronics Adapto 36 2.1A Quick Charger.

Portronics Adapto 36 2.1A Quick Charger

1) This adaptor converts normal 240V AC Input to 5V/2.1A Dual USB output, So That You Can Charge Two Mobile Phone At Same Time.

2) It auto-detects the connected device's ratings and charges it at the fastest possible speed for that device.

3) It is a slim and compact and lightweight body (50 grams) takes up minimal space and looks elegant too.

4) You can easily charge your iOS and Android smartphones, power banks, mp3 players, wireless headphones.

5) Price Of This Charger In Indian Market Is Nearly 298 Rs.

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 *  Zebronics ZEB-MA511.

Zebronics ZEB-MA511

1) It has Intelligent Design.

2) Wide Input Range.

3) It Gives You A Output Of 1A While Charging.

4) It Has In-Built Over-current, over-voltage and short circuit protection.

5) Price Of This Charger Is Nearly 164 Rs.

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 *  Pinnaclz Combo WC-3-WG+2 MUSB-W Wall Charger.

Pinnaclz Combo WC-3-WG+2 MUSB-W Wall Charger

1) The high amp of the charger ensures that your mobile gets charged at lightning-fast speeds.

2) It gives you the freedom to charge two mobile devices using just one plug, charging a single device gives an output of 2.4A and two devices used simultaneously gives a divided output.

3) It is made with good material which is fire resistant and able to reduce the flow of heat through the thickness of the material.

4) Dual-tone design which is stylish and compact.

5) Universal compatibility: the USB charger provides the freedom to use any smartphone USB cable with it.

6) The Price Of This Fast Charger Is 259 Rs.

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