How to earn money from Seo? - 5 Best Tips For SEO Expert

This month I received so many messages On Instagram & everyone asks me the same question that How to earn money from SEO? In this article, I am going to tell you the best method to earn money from SEO. As an SEO expert, you can use these methods to make income.


How To earn money from SEO 2021?


These are the things you can do to make money online if you an SEO Expert.

How To Earn Money From SEO


1. Make Your Own Website.


Create your own Website Or Blog & rank your blog or Website quickly on Google. Which gives you a huge amount of traffic. 


Now, by adding Advertisement on your website or blog you can generate money. These advertisers give you a high CPC, CPM rate on their ads. 


Example- Google Adsense,, etc.


2. Create Your Youtube Channel & Post SEO related Videos On It.


You can make your own youtube channel & gives SEO related ideas to your users. By doing this you can gain your user base & you can monetize your youtube channel also. So, by giving SEO Tips & Tricks On your channel you can earn money from your youtube channel.


3. Do affiliate marketing SEO To Make Money.


Do affiliate marketing on your website or blog & generate a good amount of money by selling products on it. Create your own affiliate website & using SEO generate traffic from search engines, as a result, you can sell different types of products on your website from various sources, and make a commission from it.


4. Make Your Own SEO Course & Earn Money.


Yes, You can make your own SEO course & sell it on different platforms.


EX- You can make Video Course On SEO, You Can Make PDF Course On SEO. 


Now, You can Sell it By Making Your Own Website Or By Promoting it on Different Platforms. You can Sell Your course On Social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Or You can Sell Your Course On Fiver by Creating your free account on it.

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5. Make Your Own SEO Agency.


You can create your own SEO agency. After creating your won SEO agency you can give SEO service to your customers. You can contact the different website or Blog owner & do their SEO. 


There are many webmasters who are not capable of doing SEO properly on their website. So, You can make them your client & earn a good amount of money by doing their SEO.

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These are things you can do as an SEO expert. Do you have any questions regarding this post? You can simply comment below, we are always online for your help. 

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