5 Tips to increase loading speed of wordpress website.

How to increase the loading speed of a WordPress website? Here are the 5 Easy way- If it is about Blogging and not the name of WordPress, it cannot be done. WordPress is a CMS platform and most of the Internet websites use WordPress.

If you are a Blogger and use WordPress, then this article is for you. WordPress is the easiest and SEO Friendly Content Management System. On this platform, you get thousands of plugins, due to which your blogging life becomes very easy. You can blog them for the knowledge of Zero Coding.

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Increase WordPress Loading Speed.

Do you know? More than 60% of the websites on the Internet use WordPress CMS. Website loading Speed ​​is very much about Role Play in SEO. If you want to rank them on Google’s 1st Position, then you will have to burn your WordPress website. In this article, I will tell you 5 easy ways, due to which your Wordpres blog will be loaded in 1 Second.

How To Increase The Speed Of WordPress Website?

Tips To Increase WordPress Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed ​​is a lot about SEO factory. According to a survey of Amazon, if Amazon’s website and App take 1 second more to load, then Amazon has a loss of 1.6 million in 1 year.

In today’s digital era, you cannot compete on the internet with a slow-speed website or blog. That is why you request the most to get this article beyond the end and increase the speed of your website.

➡️ Use Image Optimizer

If you want to increase website loading speed, then you have to pay attention to Image Optimization. However, a lot of WordPress plugins come, due to which you can optimize the image of your website with one click. The best plugin to use for free to optimized images are –

EWWW Image Optimizer

➡️ Use Cache Plugin

Every Blogger must install a Cache Plugin on their WordPress website. The Cache plugin actually creates an HTML file of the web page and saves it on the server. Whenever a user visits that page, that cache file is served which the plugin has generated. This will not run the entire script of the webpage repeatedly and will not load on the server.

Here are some Good Cache Plugin you can use-

WP Super Cache.

W3 Total Cache.

WP Fastest Cache

➡️ Lite Speed ​​WordPress Theme

After hosting, your job is to install the Lite Speed ​​WordPress Theme. You all will know that there are thousands of WordPress themes on the Internet, but you have to choose a professional theme that loads very quickly and does not have much coding. For this, you can take



These two themes are available in both free and premium. If you are a beginner then you can use free version.

➡️ Web Hosting

First and foremost website hosting. If the hosting is not right, then you will do something they will load your website. You can take that good hosting for work. There are a lot of hosting companies on the Internet that offer the best hosting service at a cost. The most hosting that WordPress.org recommends itself is Bluehost.




➡️ Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

The Content Delivery Network we know as CDN. They work to make website content such as images, CSS files, JavaScript files, etc. accessible to the user through their worldwide CDN network. So that if your website is opened from any country, then through CDN, your website will collect data from its nearest data center and serve the user as quickly as possible. Your website speed will improve a lot with the help of CDN.

There are a lot of CDNs on the Internet but only Cloudflare is a returned CDN that gives you free service.

How to check the loading speed of a WordPress website?

There are many tools to check the loading speed of your website like

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights – Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a tool created by Google with the help of which you can check the loading speed of a website and detect the error.

GTmatrix – One of the best tools to check cycle loading speed and performance. It analyzes the loading speed of the website and does something which slows down the website. Check GTmatrix.

If you implement all the above steps on your WordPress website, then I give you a grantee. Your website will be loaded in com time from 3 seconds. You have to keep in mind that use the plugin as much as possible.

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