8 Blog Name Tips For Your New Blog – How To Take A Attractive Blog Name

Here are the 8 Blog Name Tips For Your New Domain For You. If you are a professional blogger, you can change everything regarding your blog’s Traffic, Rank, Reputation & income, but there is one thing that you cannot change is The Name Of Your Blog.


We as a blogger spend as much time on other things in our blog content, advertisement, promotion, etc. But we don’t think so much about our blog name. Remember if your name is attractive then people can revisit your blog.


When we start a blog, most people name their blog without thinking deeply, due to which we have to regret later, this has happened to me personally as well.


If you are a new blogger, you should not do this mistake, so in this blog post, I am going to tell you some important things that you should keep in your mind while naming your new website or blog. Here are the 8 Blog Name Tips for you.


8 Blog Name Tips To Give the Best Name Of Your Blog.



▶️ Look in the Dictionary (Use Dictionary Properly):


Dictionary is a great place to find the proper name of your blog.


You can use related keywords or synonyms according to your blog topic. 1st find your niche & then find synonyms word. This will help you to find a good name for your blog.


Now by using similar words, you can find a great name for your blog, just give it some time & you will find an appropriate word for your website name.




If are making a blog On Travell, Then you can use these words on your website or blog journey, tour, take a trip, go on a trip, voyage, go on an expedition, go on an excursion, go sightseeing, globetrot, backpack. roam, rove, range, wend one’s way, cruise, hike, trek, tramp, ride, roll. cross, traverse, cover, make one’s way over, circumnavigate, go round, move around, etc.


▶️  Take Ideas from other blogs like yours.


Suppose You are making a blog on Technology tropic, then check the other Technology blog on google & check their name. Don’t be so quick take some time & research. You will definitely find some cool ideas.


If you are making your blog on food, then you can set names like Bestfoods, Foodideas, Foodhub, etc.


▶️ Identify your blog’s Tone.


If you are a blog reader, you must have noticed that some blogs are very fun to read (because they are written in an interesting tone, eg- WikiHow, Quora, etc) but there are also some blogs that are not so interesting.


Both of the blogs or websites may be popular but the only difference is their writing tone. Blogs like Quora show dynamic views, while blogs like Wikipedia also manage to make a mark as a stable encyclopedia.


Please Keep in mind that the name of your website or blog should describe the content on your blog &  the name of your Website should give an idea of ​​the type of content you write on it.


▶️ Know the topic or niche of your blog.


To find the name of your blog will be, first select the topic of your blog (niche). Because when you know what kind of blog post you are going to put on your blog, then you will be able to name your blog according to the way that your name will be able to match your work very easily.


▶️  Always Try To Put Keywords in Your Website or Blog Name.


If you are working on a niche or Sub niche then I recommended you put your target keyword in your domain name.


Here are some example-


Suppose you are making a blog on a particular niche like Technology. Then you can name your blog like Techno, Technologyhub, Techgyan, etc.


▶️  Make It Unique.


Always try to give a unique name to your blog. If the name of your blog is unique then it will look fresh & premium. Most important a unique name can give you brand value & if you publish good content then you will definitely get success.


▶️ Take inspiration from brand names.


Look for the best brand name in the world, you can get many ideas from their names. For example Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Snapdeal, Apple, etc.


Let’s understand it very easily, Google is a very unique name & very easy to remember. In this way, you can find the best name for your blog or website.


▶️  Length Of Your Domain Name.


Try to keep the blog or website domain name as short as possible. Do not take it more than 3 words and 15-20 characters. Find a name in between them. A short name is very easy to remember. Make it as short as possible & make it unique.


The name of your domain should be catchy, which means that people can remember it quickly and climb their tongue. This will make your blog popular quickly & you can rank easily.


Your blog must have the same name and URL. That is, if the name of your blog is The ABC, then the URL of your blog should also be https://www.theABC.com. This does not cause confusion in your audience.


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Here you learn the best 8 Blog Name tips to name your website or blog, if you think I missed something then let me know by commenting below. I will definitely add your suggestion. If this article helps you to find a good name for your blog then share it on social media & lets your friends know about our website. Keep visiting daily. Jai Hind.


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