A Brief Description Of Meta Tags And Its HTML Codes

Here is a brief description of the meta tag & its Html use. Meta tags are the codes that describe your website title and descriptions & other informative things. In SEO meta title & meta description are very important. Google analysis your website by reading your meta title & description. 

What is a Meta Tag

A Brief Description Of meta Tag.

The meta tag contains information about the content of a page of a blog or website. This tag is not visible by the visitor of the page but search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, etc they can read these types of tags. In simple language, it is an HTML code, which we insert on the head section of a website.

As I already said, meta tag provides all information about our web pages, So with the help of these tags search engines displayed one’s website in SERP.

For example – If I search “ISRO India” on Google.

Meta Title & Description

In the above image, the text inside the black box is called meta title & the text inside the red box is called a meta description.

Note – It is very necessary for SEO that we write the meta description for our Website pages.

But in search results, Google will show the same Meta Description or something that Google decides.

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What are the types of Meta Tags?

There are 4 meta tags used in Search engine optimization. These are as follows.

  1. Title tag
  2. Meta description tag
  3. Meta Robots Tag
  4. Meta Keywords tag

1. What is Title Tag?

The title tag tells the search engine about your article title. For example, If you write an article about Computer, then your title will be like this “What is a computer?”

How to write a title tag in HTML –

<title> The Title of the Page </title>

How to optimize the title tag for SEO?

1. Give an attractive title, so that people click on it.

2. Always add the main keyword to the title.

3. Write your title in between 50 to 60 characters. 

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2. Meta Description tag.

By using the meta description tag we can tell the search engine about our web page content. I mean what my article contains. 

I recommended you to write your meta description under 150 characters. It is very important in SEO, so you have to write it very carefully & always include the primary keyword in your meta description. This will help you to rank in Google search results.

How to write a Meta description tag in HTML?

By using the simple HTML code mention below you can create your meta description 

<meta name = ”description” content = ”Add your description here” />

How to optimize the Meta Description for SEO?

1. Add your primary keyword to it.

2. Also include long-tail keywords.

3. Write it in a unique way so that people can understand it easily.

So, these are the tips you can use to write a good SEO friendly mata description.

3. Meta Robots Tag –

Robot tag is an advanced meta tag, Webmasters use this tag to tell the search engine, how to treat this website.

If you don’t want to Index some of your pages on google, then you can do it by using meta robots tags.

index / no index – indicates whether the page should be shown in search results or not.

<meta name = ”robot” content = ”index, follow” />

Follow and no-follow – it tells which links to be trusted and pass link juice.

4. Meta keywords tag.

This tag contains keywords, For example- your primary keyword, secondary keyword, long-tail keyword everything. But, These tags are no longer as important in SEO as they used to be a few years ago.

How to find Meta Tags of a webpage?

1st Method.

If you want to check someone’s website meta tag then you have to do these simple things.

1. Open the page In the google chrome browser.

2. Now, Right-click on the page.

3. Click On View Page Source.

4. Now the full Html code will be displayed on a new tab. 

In that HTML code, you have to find the meta codes, you will get all the meta codes under the Head section of that page.

2nd Method.

Just Open this website on any browser https://metatags.io/

Now, enter the web page URL in the search bar & click enter. Done!

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In this article, you learn about the meta tag used by the webmaster to rank their website. We also discuss the HTML Meta tag codes. If you think I missed something in this article then let me know by commenting below. Share this article on Social media & with your friends if you like it.

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