Activate 4G Only Network Mode in Android with Secret Codes & Apps

Hi friends, Today I will show you the way to Activate 4G Only Network Mode in Android. For this, your mobile must be 4G supported. On your android, you have 3G only, 2G only modes, but you will not get the option of 4G only. By using these tips can easily set your mobile network mode in LTE / 4G only.


Activate 4G Only Network Mode in Android by Using Secret Code.


Simply Dial These Codes On Your Mobile Phone. After that, Follow Instruction To Activate 4G Only.
Code 1 – * # * # 4636 # * # *

Code 2 – * # * # 2846579 # * # *

Code 3 – ## 626 * 
Code 4 – ## 786 #


(The above codes are supported by maximum mobile devices) After dialing this code, a new window will pop up.


In that, you have to choose your SIM card.

Now, you will get a list in which will display the whole network mood. Like 2G only, GSM only, WCDMA only, LTE only, etc.

Out of that, you have to select LTE Only. After selecting this, your mobile will only catch the 4G signal.


NOTE- If you want, you can select any other network mood in it, your mobile-only will catch the same network as the networking mood you select.


Force 4G Only Network Mode Using Android App.


If the above code does not work in your Android mobile, then you can select the “4 G only Network Mood” by using this application given below.


Name- 4G Only Network Mode.
Activate 4G Only Network Mode in Android


4G Only Network Mode opens a secret menu where advanced network configurations can be selected.
Features –
*change network to “LTE(4G) only” mode
*phone will disconnect less often leading to FASTER INTERNET SPEED
*enable VoLTE on supported devices(enables direct call over 4G network)
*advanced network statistics
*change network parameters
*lock to any particular Network Signal like 4G(LTE)/3G/2G only
Supports All Phone Brands with Qualcomm Chips




The Benefit of 4 G only Networks Mood.

If you force LTE in your mobile, then your mobile-only will catch the 4G signal and your internet speed will be increased. If you play online games then you will know that there is a problem with ping in online games, if you play games on only 4G networks mode, then your ping will be less as compared to Automatic mode. Apart from this, your online video-watching experience will change.


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