Adsense Approval Tricks For Blogger – 2021 Full Details

Want to Approve Adsense for Your Blog? After Reading This Article You Can Easily Do It for Urself. Here Are Adsense Approval Tricks for Blogger. Just Follow These Tips You Will Definitely Get Adsense Approval on Your Site.

Adsense Is a Popular Advertising Network Owned by Google. So, It only Accepts Your Blog if You Follow Its Terms & Condition Carefully. a Simple Mistake Will Reject Your Application. Before Applying for Adsense Read These Tips Given Below & Correct Your Mistakes.


Adsense Approval Tricks For Blogger 2021


1. Write Unique Article.


Content Is the King. No Matter How Much Seo You Do with Your Site if You Cannot Write Valuable Content for Your Users Your Blog or Website Will Never Grow to Its Highest Potential.

So, Focus on Your Content, Always Write Unique Valuable Content, so That Users Always Visit Your Website.

Write Fully Explainable Content, Insert Images if Necessary. Write in Normal Language, so That Your User Can Understand It Easily. Try to Increase Your Content Engagement, so That New Users Spend More Time Reading Your Content.

If You Give Proper Value to Your Users, Google Will Value Your Website. Good Content Gives Your Easy Success Over Ranking on Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.


2. Make a Mobile-Friendly Site with User-Friendly Design.


Always Use Default Provided by Blogger, Because Default Temples of Blogger Are Designed by Professional Code Masters. You Can Also Use the Premium External Template for Your Blog, but Keep in Mind that Your Template Must Have a Mobile-Friendly Version. I See Many Templates, Who’s Loading Time Is Very High, as A Result, It Loads on Your Mobile Very Slowly. So, I Recommend You to Use a Mobile-Friendly Template.

If You Use a Mobile-Friendly Template on Your Blog, Then Your Mobile Ranking for Your Page Will Also Increase, as A Result, Your Visitor Will Increase.

Nowadays, Most People Search for Things on The Internet by Using Their Mobile Devices. So, It Is Very Necessary for You to Use a Mobile Device Friendly Template.


By Using This Google Tool You Can Check Your Website. It Will Tell Wheater Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly or Not.


3. Use a Particular Niche for Blogging.


Don’t Mix up Things. Select Your Favorite Niche and Write Content on It. for Example, if You Make a Tech Blog and After Writing 10-15 Posts on Tech, Now You Start Sharing an Article on Health, Fashion, Etc. It’s a Very Bad Thing to Do with Your Website.

Try to Write in The Same Category, so That You Can Create a Hub for That Niche.


4. Make Your Website Neat and Clean.


A Cleanly Designed Website Performs Much Better than The Other Fancy Designed Websites. Use a Normal White Background & Dark Text Color on Your Webpage. so That Users Can Read Your Content Clearly. Don’t Write Your Whole Content in Small Text. Increase Your Text Font Size. Read- How To Increase Post Text Font Size on Blogger?


A Neat and Clean Designed Page with Good Content Provides a Very Good Value to Your Visitors, and Your Bounce Rate Will Also Decrease.


5. Add Proper Navigation Menu on Your Website.


Add the Primary Menu on Your Website, at The Top of Your Website Add the Category or The Topic, so That a Visitor Can Easily Find the Content They Need.


Add Catagory, Sub Catagory, Levels on Your Blog or Website Properly and Add Them an Invisible Portion of Your Website so That a User Can Easily Navigate.


6. Write at Least 25 Unique Articles.


As You Know Google Values Your Work. Don’t Be in a Hurry. Write at Least 25 Unique Articles for Your Blog. Don’t Mix up Things, Don’t Copy from Others, Write Your Own Article. Make It Unique and Fully Loaded with Great Useful Information.

Google Algorithm Is so Advanced that It Can Easily Detect if You Copy an Article from Another Source. I Recommend You to Write Your Own Unique Article & Then Apply for Adsense.


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7. Maintain Your Post Updation Regularly.


Always Update Your Posts or Article with New Information. You Know Information Changes Regularly Nowadays. if You Write an Article on Some Tropic & Did Not Update It for So Long Time Then It Will Impact Your Search Engine Rankings.

Google Gives More Value to Updated Content than The Old Content. So, Update Your Content Yearly.


8. Make Privacy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms & Condition Page on Your Blogger Blog.


These Pages Are Very Important. Create These Pages and Add Them to Your Footer Menu. without These Pages, Your Adsense Account Will Never Be Approved.


In These Pages, You Have to Clearly Mention Your Website Privacy-Related Issues, Contact Details, Terms of Service of Your Website & Disclaimer. Write in Easy Language, so By Reading It Everyone Can Understand It Quickly.


9. Domain Age.


It Will Be Best if Your Domain Age Is More than 6 Months. an Old Domain Will Indicate that You Are Serious with Your Works. So, Create Your Website, Regularly Post Content & Wait at Least 6 Months Before Applying.

If You Work Regularly on Your Site Then Some of Your Posts Will Rank on Search Engines & You Will Get Organic Visitors. Organic Visitors Helps Your Website to Grow Faster. a Good Ranked Website Easily Gets AdSense Approval on Its 1st Try.


10. Complete Content.


Always Write Complete Content. a Complete Content Means Full Information on A Single Page. for A Particular Tropic, Give Complete Information on Your Post. so That After Reading Your Post the Visitor Gets His Answer with Full Satisfaction.


Add Necessary Examples, Images, Charts on Your Post if Needed. Create a High-Quality Article so That Readers Can Read Your Article with Interest.


11. Illegal Content.


Don’t Promote Any Types of Illegal Materials on Your Blog or Website. Google Adsense Doesn’t Show Its Ad on A Page Which Contains Illegal Materials. if You Do This Google Adsense Will Reject Your Application.


12. Copyright Materials.


Images, Videos, Music, Files, Text, Pdf, Etc. Never Copy Such Things from Other Websites. Because It’s Not Allowed by Google to Use Others Works on Your Page with Or without Giving Them Credit.


Some Creator Allows Their Users to Copy Their Materials but Many of Them Not Allowed This. So, I Recommend You to Create Your Own Images, Videos Whatever You Want to Post on Your Website. Be a Creator Not a Copier.


13. Use Alt Tag on Image.


Do Proper Image Seo on Your Blog. Always Add an Alt Tag for Your Images. Don’t Use Copied Images. By Using an Alt Tag You Can Tell the Search Engines About Your Image. So, It’s an Essential Part of Seo.

Use Proper Title Tag, Alt Tag on Your Image. Don’t Copy Images Because  Google Reverse Image Search Can Easily Track Your Image.


14. Paid Traffic Promotions.


Try to Be Organic. Create High-Quality Content, Do Proper Seo, Make Backlinks These Are the Things to Improve Your Ranking and Traffic. Don’t Use Paid Traffic Before Applying on Adsense. Because Sometimes Adsense Can Reject You if You Have an Invalid Amount of Traffic.


15. Top-Level Domain.


Before Applying for An Adsense Account I Recommended You to Use Top-Level Domains Like Xyz.Com, Xyz. In, Zyz.Net, Etc. It Will Be Easy for You to Approve Adsense in Top-Level Domains. A TLD is one of the domains at the highest level On The Domain Name System of the Internet.


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These Are the Useful Adsense Approval Tips You Can Use Before Applying for An Adsense Account. if You Follow These Tips Properly You Will Definitely Get Adsense Approval. Be Patient & Work Hard. Thank You. Jai Hind.

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