Best 4 Mobile Blogging Applications For Android User [ 2021 ]

If you are a blogger and want to Best 4 mobile blogging applications then here are the best Android application you can use for blogging. By using this application you can easily write & edit content for your blog. Create your free blog & start blogging without any coding knowledge.


All 4 Mobile Blogging applications are free to use & you can use them on your android application very comfortably. Below is the list of these apps.


Best 4 Mobile Blogging Applications Of 2021.


1. WordPress.

2. Blogger.

3. WIX.

4. Weebly.


WordPress Mobile Blogging Application.


WordPress is a free blogging platform and you can easily create your own blog by using it for free. Customization is endless on the WordPress platform, various themes & plugin gives your blog a unique look.


Using WordPress mobile blogging app, you can create, edit, add tags, and categories & manage your blog. You can also check your stats, notification, comments, etc.




You can easily download the WordPress application from the google play store. After downloading the app Register on it with your email & start creating your own blog.


Download WordPress


Blogger Mobile Application.


Blogger is a free platform powered by google. This tool is totally free & you can easily create your own blog by using this blogging platform. This tool comes with some free themes, but unfortunately, you cannot use an external plugin on the blogger.


But, the good thing about it is you can add your custom domain to it. By using an external premium blogger theme you can make a professional-looking blog for your business. Using the mobile blogger application you can easily add images, videos to your post.




You can download the blogger mobile application from the google play store, or I am giving the download link below so that you can easily download it.


Download Blogger


Wix Mobile Application For Blogging.


Wix is a website-building platform used by more than 160 million users. You can very easily build a Website to Grow Your Brand & business. Download Wix mobile application & Create websites & upload videos, pictures, & blog posts professionally.


Wix also provides stunning website templates for your blog or website, you can use both free & premium themes on your blog. You can easily build & manage a professional web presence with zero coding knowledge. Wix gives you Free & secure website hosting with free domain registration for your new website.




To use Wix from your mobile you have to download the Wix mobile application from the google play store. Or you can follow the link below.


Download Wix


Weebly by Square Mobile Application.


Create a blog and stay connected to your visitors, Publish your thoughts with the blog post editor powered by Weebly. It’s Free, you can instantly respond to blog comments, form entries, or you can reply to customer inquiries to stay connected with your followers.


By using Weebly you can create your online store, the drag-and-drop builder designed specifically for touchscreen & you can use it without any coding knowledge. Add your own products to your site using images directly from your mobile, customization is very easy on it.




Download the Weebly mobile blogging app from the google play store for free. You can also use the below download button to install it directly on your mobile phone.


Download Weebly


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Conclusion– In this article, you know about the 4 popular mobile blogging applications. You also know how to download it with some details. If you like our article, you can share it with your friends & family. Visit us daily to stay updated. Thank you. Jai Hind.

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