Best Astrology Apps For Android Mobile

These are some Best Astrology Apps you can use to predict your future. All these apps are free for basic use. Astrology is a way to find one person mood, behaviour using stars & planets. It also predicts the future of a person using several methods. Full details of these apps are given below.


AstroSage Kundli Apk


AstroSage Kundli


Astrosage Kunduli is a Kunduli software for mobile phone. You can generate your horoscope which is also called birth chart, natal chart or Vedic horoscope. In this astrology application you can get horoscope matching, horoscope, horoscope, Hindu calendar (panchang) and many more absolutely.



  • Talk to Astrologer – Now talk to premium AstroSage astrologers.
  • Vedic Astrology – Traditional Features.
  • Predictions/ Personalized Horoscope- Life Predictions, Monthly & Annual Predictions, Daily Predictions, Mangal Dosh / Kuja Dosham, Shani Sade Sati, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Lal Kitab Remedies, Debts, Planetary Predictions etc.
  • Download PDF to Print Kundli.
  • Moon sign horoscopes – daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, weekly love horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horoscope.
  • KP System / Krishnamurti Paddhati with Significators, Ruling Planets, KP Ayanamsa, Nakshatra Nadi Coordinates and Sub-Sub Positions etc.




AstroTalk Apk




AstroTalk Astrology Forecast has 500+ top astrologers in India available to serve users with their love, relationship and marriage related problems.

Users can consult an astrologer online from the comfort of their home and enjoy the best astrological predictions using Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology, Indian astrology, Nadi astrology, Tarot card, KP astrology, wisdom chart and red book astrology.


Ast hired by astrology verification through multiple interviews and case studies of astrology Ast hireers answer questions with very professional and most accurate astrological predictions they are also undergoing rigorous training sessions to provide the best possible customer experience.




Kundli – Free Horoscope Apk


Kundli - Free Horoscope


Your personalized horoscope and horoscope app in English and Hindi.

The horoscope and free horoscope application related to Vedic astrology created using accurate and ancient Vedic astrology techniques and methods is an ultimate app.

The horoscope app gives you complete free horoscope or horoscope creation, dosha reports and their specific remedies, gem preparation based on birth horoscope, various astrological calculations, Krishnamurti term horoscope, yearbook (Tajik), daily personalized horoscope, Panchakshi and many more.




Astrology & Horoscope Apk


Astrology & Horoscope


One of the astrology software development companies is Astrology & Horoscope “(an Android based offline astrology / astrology application) for free. Get horoscope / horoscope with prediction in just a few seconds.

It is a very powerful software based on Indian / Vedic / Hindu astrology. The amount of content and depth of detail provided in this app is less than any other app in the entire Android Marketplace.




Astro Guru Apk


Astro Guru


AstroGuru, get an insight into what’s in store for you with a unique lucky palm reading and astrology app that provides you with free palmistry, tarot, numerology, astrology, horoscopes and horoscope predictions. We offer personalized daily horoscope predictions and horoscopes for the whole week. With over 20 million installs, AstroGuru is the only astrology app that gives you the best lessons by literally scanning your palm. There is no better app for astrology, polymetry, horoscope, horoscope, Tarot card reading than us.

Find out about your fate (future) based on your birthday (horoscope) and through your palm scan (fortune teller). Astro Guru uses advanced image processing to calculate all palm readings and scanners. Our astrology is bound up with the ancient Vedic system of famous Indian gurus like Nostradamus.




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Conclusion- So, these are some best astrology apps you can use on your android mobile. I hope you like this article. Thank you & Jai Hind. 

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