Best Bengali Calendar Apps For Android 2021-2022

These are some best Bengali calendar apps you can use to check the Date & other things by using your android phone. These apps are free to use, full details of these apps are given below.


# Bengali Calendar (India) Apk


Bengali Calendar (India)


The Bong Calendar – A Complete Bangla Calendar for your Android device.

Bong Calendar is just like the traditional Bangla Calendar. The only thing, it runs on an android device and you can keep it in your pocket! It keeps you updated about the important days in Bangla and the Bengali Date.

Please note, you may have seen different Bengali Dates for the same Gregorian Date in different newspapers. It is because in West Bengal we have two schools of Panjika Makers. One of them follows the old method (about 1500 years old!) the ‘Surya Siddhanta’ and the others follow the ‘Drik Siddhanta’ or ‘Bishuddha Siddhanta’ method. For lunar day / or tithi timings, Bishuddha Siddhanta gives you accurate timing. We cover them both.




# Bangla Panjika Paji পঞ্জিকা Apk


Bangla Panjika Paji (পঞ্জিকা)


Bangla Panjika (বাংলা পঞ্জিকা) 2021, 2020 Calendar-1428, 1427, 1426 – A Complete Bangla Calendar which is widely known as the Panchang calendar for your smartphone. Bengali Panjika apps or Hindu Panchang is a complete solution for your daily needs. This daily Panchangam or Hinduism calendar covers, Day of Week, Bengali Month name, and current Bengali year, both Bangladesh & India along with the Gregorian calendar dates.

It supports the Hindu calendar (Bengali Calendar app) just like the traditional Sanatan calendar (Pechanga calendar). It keeps you updated about the important days in Bangla and the Bengali Date. The Bengali Calendar Almanac is an informative app for people of India, Bangladesh, and Bengali-speaking people across the world. This application is a great tool to help you get the most out of your day and plan your days for success.




# Bengali Calendar Apk


Bengali Calender


1427 বাংলা ক্যালেন্ডার – 1427 Bengali calendar is an offline calendar and free calendar app for Bengali speaking people across the globe. Bengali calendar apps are highly useful to know festivals, holidays, Shubh Muhurat & Bengali Panjika 1427 information

1427 Bengali calendar – 1427 বাংলা ক্যালেন্ডার: is free Bengali apps. Bengali Calendar downloads it for free and the app is designed for all Bengali-speaking people across the globe.




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Conclusion- So, These are some of the best Bengali calendar apps for your phone. I hope you like this article, Share this with your friends. Thank you & Jai Hind.

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