Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

It is very easy to record your mobile phone screen with a screen recorder, So, here are some best screen recorder apps you can use to record your mobile phone screen with internal & external sound. These apps are free to use & you can easily download them by clicking on the download button provided by us. Full details & features of these apps are given below.


XRecorder Screen Recorder Apk


Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder – XRecorder helps you capture smooth & clear screen videos, screenshots in the easiest way. And you will never miss live game shows, and important moments any more.

Download the best screen recorder – XRecorder to capture anything as you like!


● Capture screen to take a clear Screenshot.
● Video Editor: Trim video and change the speed.
● Record Gameplay on your phone.
● Export Full HD video with custom settings: 240p to 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps.
● No watermark: record a clean video & screenshot.
● Screen Recorder with Facecam.
● No recording time limits & No root needed.
● Floating window: One touch to control and snap the exact moment easily.
● Countdown timer: to be a fully prepared recorder.
● Alternative storage location: internal storage/ SD card.
● Easy to pause/resume recording, rotate the screen.




Mobizen Screen Recorder Apk


Mobizen Screen Recorder


This is one of the best screens recorder app for android. Download Mobizen Screen Recorder, which can start recording easily with one click, and start recording gameplay, video, and live to broadcast easily and conveniently!
Full Features Of this app are given below.

ㆍClean screen recording without a record button-through hiding Air Circle mode!
ㆍRecord the screen without watermark for free using Clean mode!
ㆍNot only FULL HD (FHD) screen recording, but also QUAD HD (QHD, 2K) screen recording! Supported maximum recording quality ▷ Recording resolution 1440P, recording quality 24.0Mbps, frame rate 60fps
ㆍFacecam function! Express your reactions freely and record game sounds and voices together!
ㆍSave to external memory (SD card)! Record long screen recordings of more than an hour without worrying about memory!
ㆍVarious image editing functions (BGM, in/outro, trim, split video, frame extraction, etc.)
Increase the quality of the recorded video!




DO Screen Recorder Apk


DO Screen Recorder


Let’s record the video screen of mobile games in HD with this powerful video recorder without a watermark. The HD quality screen recording app provides a better screen recording experience than any other app and also provides screen recording with audio.
You never know what you’ve come up with so just keep recording and creating memories with the Screen Recorder Android app.
The screen recorder application provides an easy way to record screen video and with lots of features like video calls, tutorials, game videos, live streams, etc. This phone display recorder lets you record your screen as GIF allows you to record a video chat with your loved one And you can capture those moments without any time limit with our amazing live video recorder app. Time never comes back to capture the moment and make it memorable.
Collect special moments and record them with Do Screen Recorder Free.
It provides a screen recorder with a FaceCam feature to record your face and emotions. If you want to record it, this screen recorder HD quality is the best choice to record your phone screen.




Vidma Screen Recorder Apk


Vidma Screen Recorder


Whether you’re looking for a screen recorder app that captures the moment of your victory, making fun videos, or recording a lecture while you’re studying online – your search will end here.

Vidma Screen Recorder Lite – a lighter version with all screen recording features available. Completely free screen recorder without watermark.

Small, simple, and practical, Vidma Screen Recorder Lite is ideal for screen recording on any Android device.

Tips for screen recording with Vidma Screen Recorder.

  • Enable the record button to start/stop screen recording at any time.
  • Adjust the audio source you recorded in the settings.
  • Disable the record button during screen recording.
  • Use gestures to stop screen recording.
  • Turn off the screen and stop recording the video.
  • Show screen touches while screen recording.
  • Capture screenshots with this screen recorder.
  • Trim videos after screen recording.




AZ Screen Recorder Apk


AZ Screen Recorder


Featured on Google Play Home Page, BusinessIsider, Android Police, CNET, HalfPost, Yahoo News, and many more.

AZ Screen Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth and clear screen video. With many features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen video like video tutorials, video calls, game videos, live shows.


High-quality video: 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60 fps
No recording time limit
No route required

Key features:

Screen recording – AZ Screen Recorder provides stable and fluid screen recording. With this screen recorder, you can easily record videos of popular mobile games; You can record video calls with family and friends.

Screen video recorder with internal sound

From Android 10, this free screen recorder will support internal audio recording. If you want to record gameplay, video tutorials with internal audio, this powerful screen recorder with audio are the best choice for you.




Screen Recorder- Made In India Apk


Screen Recorder- Made In India


Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder that cannot record and capture your mobile screen in video format with or without a front camera.

Livestream – Watch stream games, live shows, and more on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Games.

Fax cam – Using the front camera will help you capture your own video and mobile screen recordings at the same time. This option is best for recording an alternative tutorial. This feature allows app developers to record videos to explain their applications

Whiteboard – Now draw and create the tutorial with a whiteboard screen.

Quality analysis – This mobile application screen recording feature is helpful for users/quality testers/app testers to understand the problems they are facing in any particular application.

Screen recording – Screen recording of any application available on your mobile device can be done in live application usage modes, such as typing a message, recording a video call, watching a video or recording any audio or anything available on the mobile screen.




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Conclusion- So, These are some best screen recorder apps you can use to record your mobile screen with internal sounds. I hope you like this post, share this article with your friends, Thank you & Jai hind.

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