Best SEO Tools For Bloggers – Use It For Free

In this article, I will give you the top 7 Best Seo tools For Bloggers which you can use to audit your website for free of cost. These tools are well optimized & take very little time to check your website health.

If you are managing a blog or website then you know the importance of SEO. So, here are the Best Site engine optimization tools you can use to check your website.

Best SEO Tools To Audit Your Website For Free


7 Best SEO Tools For Blogger You Can Use For Free.


These Tools offer your free site audit & also give you a website Score. You can also check the best keyword for your blog/website, and your website traffic.



SEO Checker is one of the best free websites where you can check your website SEO & other Errors. You can check up to 1000 sub-pages by using this website.


It offers 

➡️ Free SEO Audit – It Offers Free Audit for your Blog or Website. You can audit up to 1000 Pages by Using this Tool website.

➡️ Meta Information- It is a very important thing. You check your meta information & meta Tag by using this tool. It also helps to improve your meta tag.

➡️ Page Quality- You can improve your page quality & loading time by using this tool. It tells you everything about your website. 

➡️ Page & Link Structure- With the Help of this you can give a Seo friendly structure. So that search engines can understand your page easily.

➡️ Server Configuration- It will tell you about your website configuration & Security. 

➡️ External SEO Factors Like Backlinks, Social Media Etc.


This website gives you full information about your website SEO. It will show your website loading speed in the Desktop version & Mobile versions. By checking your website here you can easily improve your website.
It offers.

➡️ Website health – This will check your website health & tells you what thing to do to improve your website quality.

➡️ Critical errors- This tool searches for critical errors of your website & give proper suggestion to correct it.

➡️ Warnings- If you do any deadly SEO mistake then it warns you & you can solve it by using this website. 

➡️ Recommendations- it audits your website & gives you the best Keyword recommendation. It also helps to increase your SEO score.

➡️ Backlinks check- By using it you can easily check your backlinks. You can check both Dofollow & NoFollow Backlinks by using this site.



By using this website you can check the full details of the website. The user-friendly interface gives you details information about your website/blog. This is one of the best SEO tools for bloggers, Where you can also analyze your website pages.

It offers.

➡️ SEO issues- After scanning your website it can tell you about your SEO score & your SEO mistakes. It also helps you to improve your website SEO.

➡️ SEO monitoring- By using this site you can constantly monitor your website SEO. 

➡️ Loading time- It can also check your website loading speed & give you ideas to increase your website loading speed. 

➡️ Backlinks- You can check your website backlinks & it helps you to improve it.

➡️ Server & Security- It also checks your website Server, if any security issue found by this tool then it can tell you about it.



You can analyze your website SEO by using these website tools & you will get a detailed report of your website for free. It gives you a report by using grades like A, A+, B, B+, etc.
It offers

➡️ Basic SEO- You can check your website or blog basic SEO by using this site. It tells about your H1, H2, H3, etc tag and you can improve your tag list.

➡️ Usability- If your problem has any kind of usability problem then it can detect it. 

➡️ Performance- It also tells about your website’s performance as compared to your competitor. So, you can improve your website performance by using this tool.

➡️ Social- You can check your social media score, it means how it performs on social media. 

➡️ Security- You can check your website’s health and error by using it. If any security issue found on your website it will show you full details.



Semrush is one of the best SEO tools for bloggers. It is a Premium tool to check your on-page and off-page SEO. It can audit your website & gives you the keyword idea to increase your website traffic.



It offers.

➡️ Domain Overview- It gives you full details about your domain & your SEO score. It helps you increase your website SEO score. Which helps you increase your website rank on search engines.

➡️ Traffic Analytic- At can also monitor your website Traffic & you can track your website traffic source.

➡️ Organic search- By using this website you can check the best organic search term for your website or blog. You can also check which keyword you are rank on google. So, you can improve your website content.

➡️ Keyword research- It can help you find the best keyword for your blog. So that you can rank easily on a particular topic.

➡️ Backlink audit- You can check your backlinks & check your good & bad links by using this tool. 

➡️ Position tracking- This is one of the best features of this website, you can add your primary keyword in it & it always tracks your website position on search engines. So, you can easily track your website keyword & improve your content by comparing.



By using this website you can easily check your SEO report & analysis your result in a different format. It helps you to increase your SEO score by giving you different ideas. It is a free tool for basic use but it also offers premium service on your SEO.
sitechecker pro

It offers


➡️ Website health checker- Check your website health by using these tools for free. The clear interface gives you proper information about your health.

➡️ Website Rank checker- By using this you can check your website rank on search engines.

➡️ Backlink Checker- Check your Nofollow & Dofollow backlink for free.

➡️ On-page Seo Checker- By using this tool you can audit your content on-page SEO. It also helps you to improve your On-page SEO score.

➡️ Website Traffic checker- Check your website traffic in various formats like Daily, weekly, Monthly, etc. 


7. Google Search Central.

This is a Web Seo resources website, here you can learn everything about SEO. All the tips of basic SEO to advanced SEO you can learn and implement from here. This service is offered by google so its free of cost.
Google search central


It offers

➡️ Keyword Research- You can Find your best keyword & check your ranking on that keyword. It gives you the keyword, Query list in which your website is rank on google. So, this is one of the best tools you can use to increase your website rank.

➡️ Traffic- Analyse your website traffic. Check your bounce rate, Traffic source, Device, etc by using this website.

➡️ Analytic- It tells about your website visitor behavior so that you can improve your website. 

➡️ Sitemap Submission- Submit your website sitemap. So, Google can crawl your website very easily & quickly.


Conclusion About Free SEO Tools For Blogger-

In this article, you learn about some best SEO tools for bloggers, you can use them all for free of cost. If you want to increase your SEO score then you can check these sites to improve your website or blog. 
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