Best Speedometer Apps Apk Download For Android

The speedometer app is used to track a vehicle or a person walking speed using android. If you haven’t used it before then these are some Best Speedometer Apps files for you & you can download & use them for free of cost. Full details of these apps are given below.


GPS Speedometer Apk ( Odometer and Speed Tracking App )


Odometer and Speed Tracking App


GPS Speedometer – An odometer with HUD is used for tracking speed and measuring your travel distance. GPS speed meter is the best speed tracker and odometer for measuring travel distance. The digital speedometer app has the functionality of a distance tracker with a speed tracker, navigation map, and an accurate speed test. The car speedometer app will measure the speed of your car and locate your destination with the help of a location tracker. Free Speedometer with Distance Meter A digital head-up display that shows the speed of your car and the calculated distance of your journey. It is a high-precision speed tracker and a speedometer with a digital and classic odometer. If you want to measure your travel distance, this speedometer and odometer is the best choice for you. Download this new speed odometer app to track the speed of your car and your exact live location. It is a perfect speedometer for cars, bikes, and bicycles.

The speed in the GPS speedometer app is displayed in digital standards and analog. Speedometer and Speed ​​Meter is a very useful speed tracker application for car speed testing, the Speedometer app has features like an extra speed warning alarm. The digital speedometer with a speed alarm will measure the speed when your car exceeds the speed and the alarm will sound. With an odometer and distance tracker, you can easily calculate your travel distance. GPS Speedometer: The Odometer and Speed ​​Tracker app is free to download and accessible to everyone. Speed ​​Odometer with HUD is a perfect and unique combination of speedometer, odometer, and map in just one Android application. This bike speedometer is very helpful for bikers and a cyclist.




Speedometer Apk Download


This application is a GPS-based speedometer that shows the speed of the device on which it is installed. Speed ​​is displayed both as analog gauge and digital value.
Your maximum speed and average speed are also displayed together with the trip meter and an odometer. Further adaptation of your own choice is possible, see details below.


Basic Details:-


  • Analog and digital speedometer.
  • Choose four different speedometer resolutions for analog gauges: 0-30, 0-60, 0-120 or 0-240 speed units.
  • Speed ​​can be displayed in one of three separate units: kilometers per hour (km / h), miles per hour (mph), or knots (nautical miles per hour).
  • M / s (meter/second) speed is also displayed when unit km / h is selected.
  • FPS (per second) speed is also displayed when the unit MFF is selected.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Average speed.
  • Tripmeter.
  • Odometer.




GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer Apk Download


GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer


It is a GPS speedometer and odometer application that measures KM per hour., MPH (miles per hour), Knot, or M / S measures all types of transport speeds in real-time.

Have you ever wondered how fast the bus journey is? What is the speed of the car while going by train? Your speedometer or speed tracker will show the speed in real-time as long as you travel by train, car, bike, skateboard, boat, airplane until your phone receives a fair amount of GPS signal. Next, if you have a broken car speedometer, this is a perfect speedometer app. You can use this gauge speedometer, speed tester, GPS tracker, MF meter, or speed tracker for a temporary replacement.




GPS Mileage Tracker Apk Download


GPS Speedometer - Odometer, Mileage Tracker


GPS speedometer freely tracks distance, speed and controls the speed limit of an automobile. Have you ever wondered how fast a car travels? How fast do you speed while you are on the train? So, here we come up with the solution for you: GPS Speedometer – Odometer, Mileage Tracker HD to measure the speed of a car, train, bike, and when the speed limit is exceeded the alarm will start buzzing. The GPS Speedometer MPF app and Odometer are the best free car speed meters with many features that allow you to check all speed limits in MP, km / h, or knots about your car speed and also check the position on the map while driving with the speed tracker app.




DigiHUD Speedometer Apk Download


DigiHUD Speedometer


The DigiHUD Speedometer is a free GPS-based digital head-up display (HUD) that shows useful speed and distance information for your travels. Ideally, if the speed of your vehicle dies, you want to check the speed of your car or you just want to know your speed while cycling, running, flying, boating, etc.!
The display can be switched between normal viewing and HDD mode, which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection on a car’s windscreen (most effective at night, depending on the brightness of the device).
DGHUD can open as other apps or as a floating window at the top of your home screen.
Works with external GPS receivers (tested at 10 Hz).




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