Best Tips To Fix Pubg Mobile High Ping

We all Play Pubg Mobile. But, Sometimes we face Some Issue With Ping. If Your Ping is High then You cannot play the game smoothly. So, Today I will give you the Best Tips To Fix Pubg Mobile High Ping.

There are many ways to reduce your Pubg Ping depending upon your mobile phone processor & your network quality.

4 Best Tips To Fix Pubg Mobile High Ping.


1) By Disabling the Apps which are Running in Background While Playing Game.

You often notice that while playing games some of your Facebook or Whatsapp or other apps notification appears on your mobile. So, during this process, some of your network connection is used by these apps. If you are playing on a poor connection then this may cause lag or High ping During gameplay.

To solve this problem you have to stop the apps or kill them during gameplay. You can use a simple app name App Killer or Task Killer in the play store. Just Goto play store & search for it.

During gameplay Use this app killer & kill the apps which are not useful for you. This will improve your Ping & reduce your lag problem.


2) By Using GFX Tool you can easily solve the Lagging Problem On your Pubg mobile.

GFX Tool is Specially Design For To Control You Game Graphics. If you are using a low-quality processor Mobile Then this thing will help you a lot.

GFX Tools

Just Go to Google Playstore & Search GFX Tool. Download Any GFX Tool Which you Like. But Remember Download The NO Ban Version.

After Installing Open it & Select the “Game Version”.

Adjust the graphics mode to ‘So Smooth’ & Adjust the Graphics resolution to ‘1280×720’.

Now Choose the Classic style & ’60 FPS’ in the FPS section of the app.

There is an Option Name Disable Shadows Just Tick On it.

Now Adjust Rendering Quality to ‘Low’ & Disable the Light Effects.

Enable ‘Save Control’ settings.

Enable ‘GPU optimization’ which reduces unnecessary effects.

Save the Settings and Run the game.


3) By Enabling “Force 4x MSAA” In Your Android Mobile.

Open Mobile Phone Settings > Go-to about phone > Tap Built Number 7 times (it will enable developer option)

Force 4X MSAA

Go back to settings( you will see the Developer option)
Open Developer option
scroll down and Turn On Force GPU rendering, Force 4X MSAA, Disable HW overlays and finally enable Don’t keep activities. It Will Decrease Lagging In Pubg & Your game will run smoothly.

4) By Uninstalling Unnecessary Applications From Your Mobile.

If Your Ram is less than 4Gb then it is useful to clear your mobile phone ram by uninstalling unnecessary applications. It will Boost your mobile phone speed.


How to lower ping in Pubg mobile?

Here is another way to Lower the Ping Of Pubg Mobile.


1st Use Different Sim Connection To Check In Your area which network is providing Lower Ping.

2nd Use Virtual Private Network ( VPN ).

Use VPN App On your mobile for Stable connection. You can Download many VPN apps From Playstore. Use Them & try.

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I Hope This Article Help You to Improve Your PUBG gaming Experience. Give Comments If it Works For You.

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