Blog Topic For New Blogger

Are you new in the blogging field and want to create a professional blog? Here I am giving you new Best blog topic ideas. If you work hard on these tropics then you will definitely get success in the blogging field.

The full explanation of each of the block tropics are given below and you will get some basic idea to creating your first blog.
So without wasting any time let’s get started with our best hundred blog topics for new bloggers.

New Blog Tropic For New Blogger.

1. Gadgets.
It is a great topic for blogging, you can include many types of gadgets and their features you can also give a purchase link on your affiliate link to promote it on your clock and he can generate used traffic and use come from this topic. The traffic of this Khiladi so high so the competition is also high so you have to work hard to rank such a blog.
2. Health.
This is also a popular search keyboard you can post different kinds of health problem solution medicines etc. But keep in mind that health is a very sensitive category so if you don’t have proper knowledge about it or you don’t know much about it then don’t create such a blog. If you are in the medical field then you can create a good blog on health and age and generate huge income from it.
3. Tech.
Take is a very popular nice and it is also so highly competitive nice you can publish any tech-related articles on your blog or you can post tech news and other technology-related posts on your blog.
4. News.
You can create a news blog very easily and you can also get Google news approval if you publish quality content on a blog. There is a huge possibility on news websites and there is no limit of traffic you get from organic results.
5. Poem.
If you like poems then you can create a blog on them you can post many kinds of poems on your blog post, you can post different language poems with meaningful explanations to get user attention.
6. Story.
By creating a story blog you can post different kinds of stories like love stories hate stories motivational stories and other stories. People like to read stories so so you will get a decent amount of visitors to your blog and by using Google AdSense you can monetize your blog.
7. Videos.
If you are a video creator then you can make a video blog, where you can post your videos. If you create videos professionally then people will like it and by selling your videos you can also generate money from it.
8. Music.
You can create a music downloading website for your blog. Before creating such a website I highly recommend you to check out the rules and regulations of creating such a website.
9. Shyries.
If you are a saree lover then you can create a Shayari blog. post different kinds of Shayaris with different languages. This type of website gets lots of traffic and you can also apply for Google AdSense on search blog.
10. Wishes.
In this category, you can make any kinds of wish images, such as a birthday wish anniversary wish coma good night wish good morning wish, and many other wishes according to your creativity.
11. Images.
You can create an image blog, if you are a professional photographer then you can at your beautiful images as category wise and if you do it properly then you will get decent traffic on your blog. You can also sell your images online are you can make a copyright-free image block so that you did you sir come on your block and download your website download your images.
12. Android Applications.
In this topic, you can post any kinds of Android applications used by student businessman photographers, etc. you can post any kind of Android application with full details and with download links so that users can easily download it from your website. If you do it properly then you will get an unlimited amount of traffic organically.
13. Computer Software.
If you are in the software field then you can help others by creating a blog on computer software. You can solve the software problem of your users.
14. Games.
People play both online and offline games on their mobile devices or pc. So you create a game review or game download site and get traffic from it. Google AdSense also approved these types of sites if you write unique valuable content.
15. Job alerts.
Job is a very high traffic niche for bloggers and website owners. Simply post lasts job alerts in your states or you can target all of India. If you work hard you can earn lots of money from it. You can also do book Affiliate on these types of sites.
16. Php Learning.
If you are an expert in PHP language then make a tutorial on PHP scripts. You can also include other coding programs on your site and make your site content-rich.
17. Blogger Help.
On such a website, you can help other bloggers for creating a perfect site. You can give tips about content writing, web designing, codes, etc.
18. WordPress Help.
WordPress is a very popular platform for creating websites & blogs. If you have knowledge about WordPress, then you can make a WordPress help site, where you can post different articles related to WordPress & guide your users in creating a beautiful WordPress blog or site.
19. Study Material.
It is one of the best topics for creating a blog, In this type of blog, you can give different kinds of study materials to your users. For example, you can give Class 1 To 12 All Subject Q & A. Or You can post Q & A for different competitive exams.
20. Book Store.
Create a Book store & Using an affiliate program you can make money from it. You can sell books category-wise & By reviewing books and can also increase your traffic quickly.
21. Pin code finder.
You can list all the PIN codes Of India with full details. People search for pin codes on the net every day. So, You get a decent amount of traffic on your blog or site.
22. Bank IFSC codes.
IFSC code is one of the most search keywords, So you can create a website with full details of Bank IFSC codes.
23. Food Reviews.
Create a Food review site, you can review different kinds of foods from all around the world. Share images, review foods on your blog & start earning by Adsense or affiliate marketing.
24. Gadgets Review.
Make a review site of Gadgets like any electronic product. If you have knowledge of electronic items then you can easily review such products. And on your site, you can write your opinion on them. People search for reviews of gadgets before buying them. So, you can also do affiliate marketing on such a blog.
25. Mobile Review.
In India, there is a big market for mobile phones, So it is very easy to gain traffic from such keywords. Create a user-friendly Mobile review site & make a review of newly launched mobile phones. If you give proper value to your users then you can earn both from google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

75 Blog Topic Ideas.

No. Blog Topic Ideas
1. Write An Application.
3. Fill In The Blanks.
4. Content Writing.
5. Logo Design.
6. Hosting Plans.
7. Life Hacks.
8. Social Media Help.
9. QR Codes.
10. Travel Photography.
11. How to play guitar.
12. Bikes.
13. HTML Learning.
14. Interior design.
15. Best Seller Product.
16. Blog & website design.
17. Self-defense.
18. Ghost-hunting.
19. Cryptocurrency.
20. Computer programming.
21. Agriculture Help.
22. Fashion and beauty tips.
23. Earn money blog.
24. Profession and incomes.
25. Celebrity blog.
26. Bollywood news.
27. Memes blog.
28. Photo capture tips.
29. Video Creating Tips.
30. Share Stock Help.
31. Food Recipe.
32. Best Places to visit.
33. Country Blog.
34. How to.
35. Short Form.
36. Language Learning.
37. Journey Blog.
38. Camera Review.
39. Theme and plugin.
40. Fitness Products.
41. Girls Products.
42. Baby Products.
43. Online Services.
44. Tips.
45. Tricks.
46. Book Review.
47. Ancient Knowledge.
48. Defense News.
49. Mythology.
50. Top 10 Tropics.
51. Blog Templates.
52. Horoscope.
53. Carrer Selection.
54. Yoga Tips.
55. Song Lyrics.
56. Movie Review.
57. Quiz Blog.
58. GK Knowledge.
59. School Admission Help.
60. College Admission Help.
61. Govt Schemes Help.
62. Facebook Video Downloader.
63. Instagram Video Downloader.
64. Youtube Video Downloader.
65. Fitness Tips.
66. Exam Tips.
67. Computer Shortcut Keys.
68. Govt Scheme Help.
69. Relationship Helps.
70. Body Building Ideas.
71. New Business Ideas.
72. Buying Guide.
73. Game Cheat Codes.
74. Funny Images, Jokes Collections.
75. CryptoCurrency Blog.

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In this post, you learn about the 91 Blog Tropic ideas you can use to create your own blog. If you are want to start a blog then this post will definitely help you to choose a great blog topic. I hope you like this post. Share it with your friends & On social media. Thank you. Jai Hind.

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