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Blogger is a complimentary publishing hosting platform, while BlogSpot is a free domain supplier.  They are both owned by Google and are used on the Blogger system.  To outline: Google hosts your site on its Blogger stage with a default BlogSpot domain.

Blogger Hosting

Is Blogger Hosting Free? 

So why should you employ Google’s Blogger?  As it really is free and has a strong backend infrastructure service from Google.  Although complimentary hosting isn’t a good notion, Blogger does not compromise on features, also it’s really easy to get started.  After you receive a custom made domain of your choice, it is possible to start blogging with a little investment decision.

Where can I host a blog for free?

You can host your blog domain on It is a free platform powered by google. You can create a beautiful blog by using pre-design free templates. All the templates are free. You can create and host as many blogs as you want, there is no limit to it.

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Does Blogger cost money?

Since Blogger is a free platform, So you can use it for free of cost. You can create your own blog for free of cost. Hosting is totally free with a Blogspot domain extension. 

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How To Create Blogger Blog with free Hosting?

You can easily create a blogger blog by visiting the official website of the blogger. Just register with your Gmail account & start creating your blog for free.


Now, Sign Up With GMAIL.

Choose Domain Name With “” extension. [ ]

Now, Choose Themes.

After That Start Sharing Your post.


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