How To check duplicate photos on Android?

Duplicate images take extra space on your memory card, so you must delete all the duplicate images from your memory card or from your mobile device. It is very hard to check duplicate photos on Android because they may be stored in different folders. So, to solve this problem I am going to tell you about a Free Android app by using this you can easily find similar images and you can also delete them with a single click.

This is a free application and it is very easy to use. You can download this application from Google Play Store or you can use our Download link to install it on your android phone. Just install and open it on your Android phone now click on search for duplicate images. It will automatically search and find duplicate images from your image library. After that, you can easily remove those images.
App name-

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover.


Basic Features- 

Smart De-Dupe scan modes: Scan Any Format Photos.

Scan for similar photos: Images that are similar to each other but not exactly the same, for example, the ones with the same background but different tilts.

Scan for exact photos: Exact scan glides through all the images and finds the photos which are exactly the same.

Preview duplicate pictures in sets: After scanning your phone, the photos are placed in sets for easy viewing of the exact or similar photos.

Determine Memory consumed: Displays the memory absorbed by the duplicate images after scanning the phone.

Runs App in Background: The application works in the background finding duplicate images while you perform additional tasks on the phone. The scan time depends on the number of images in your phone.

Ensures retention of a single copy: Safely keeps one original image even if you delete the entire set.

Explore the number of duplicates: The user can even track the number of images deleted from the phone memory.

Removes scanned Duplicates in seconds: Once scanned, it takes just a few seconds to remove duplicate photos.

Here you learn, How to check duplicate photos on Android from your Android device or from the memory card. I hope you like this post. If you have any questions regarding this post, you can comment below. Thank you. Jai Hind.

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