How To Add an H1 Tag In a New Blogger Post?

H1 Tag Is Very Important for A Blogger Post. H1 Tag Describes the Main Topic of The Content & H2, H3, and Other Subheadings Are Used to Describe Another Category of That Particular Content. 

If You Are Writing a Post on A Blogger.Com Blog, Then You Have to Select a Heading on Your Content. Your Title Will Automatically Use as A Heading on A Blogger Blog. 

So, Before You Know how To Write a Content on Blogger.Com Post by Using the Heading Tag You Must Know What Is the Structure of The Blogger Post. Since After Publishing Your Post on Blogger.Com Your Title Will Act as An H1 Tag, so No Need to Add an H1 Tag on Your Blog Post.

You Have to Add only The H2 Tag in Your Blog Post, Personally, I Write My Article Like This. if You Add an H1 Tag in Your Content Then After Publishing the Post There Will Be Two H1 Tags on Your Blog Post. But, You Can’t Add Two H1 Tags on Your Content Because Will Impact Your Seo Score of That Particular Post.

How To Add an H1 Tag In a New Blogger Post_

How to Add an H1 Tag in A New Blogger Post?

➡️ Just Open Your Post Editor.

➡️ Write Your Title First, This Will Automatically Add on H1.

➡️ In the Post Section, You Can Add a Heading but Remember Don’t Add a Major Heading in Your Blog Post.

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What Is an H1 Tag?

It Is an Html Tag Used for The Main Heading for A Particular Website or Post.

Can I Use Two H1 Tag in A Post?

No, You Can’t Use Two H1 Tags for A Particular Post. [ You Can Use as Many H1 Tags as You Want, but It Will Impacts Your Seo Score] from My Point of View It Will Be Best for You to Use Just 1 H1 Tag for A Particular Post.

Recent News for H1 Tag.

Recently, Google Published a Video on The H1 Tag Topic. the Video Basically Said for Google Search, H1s Do Not Matter. You Can Have One, You Can Have Multiple H1 or You Can Have None of Them – Google Search Will Figure It Out. H1 tag Won’t Make Your Site Rank Better or Worse On Search Engines.

Smile, so Now It Is Not Necessary to Add an H1 Tag for A Particular Topic. Yes, to Look Attractive You Can Add Those Tags.

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How To Check H1 Tag On Your Blog Post?

If you want to check your post H1 and all Header Tag details on a single click then you can use the link. It will find all the tags used on your post & give you full details. 


➡️ Now Paste Your Post URL.

seoptimer h1 tag checker

➡️ NOW Click On Check!

All h Tag Result



Here You Learn About the H1 Tag and Its Use. how To Use Them on Your Blog Post. Share It with Your Friends & Visit Us Daily.

Thank You, Jai Hind.

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