How To Enable Search Description On New Blogger?

How To Enable Search Description in New Blogger Blog. It is very important in SEO. without proper description, your post will not rank in Search engines properly. There are many search Engines Ex-Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc they check your Search Description to analyze your content.

In this article, I will explain to you about Search Description & How you can easily add Description in New Blogger Interface. Most important how to Write it & make it SEO friendly. Blogger is a free blogging tool offered by Google. You can make a free blog & host your domain on this platform for free of cost. Blogger didn’t charge a single penny for this service. 

How to Enable Search Description On New Blogger

How To Enable Seach Description On New Blogger?

In the new blogger interface, it’s very easy to enable search description. Follow these simple steps to enable it.

1) Open on any web browser.

2) Now Sign In & select your blog in which you want to enable it.

3) Now, Click on setting & here you will find a section called Meta Tags. 

4) Under this meta tag section you will find a enable/disable button for the search description. 

New Blogger Search Description

5) Just click on enable & add your description As shown in the image.

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How to write a Search Description For your Blog Post?

It describes your blog, it means by reading it your visitor will understand what types of content your blog provides. So, from an SEO perspective, it is very important that you add a proper description to your blog or website.

Ex- If you are writing a blog on Cooking. Then your search description will be like this “In this blog you will get the best recipe for cooking.”

I hope you understand how to add it. Always add your primary keyword to your description but never do keyword stuffing. (Keyword stuffing means to add multiple keywords to a single paragraph.)

Search Description of sarkartech

If you write a proper description then the Search engine will understand your website better & the chance of a higher ranking will be increase.  

What is The Max Character One Can use In The New Blogger Search Description?

Blogger allows a maximum of 150 Characters descriptions in their blogger blog. So, you have to write it under 150 characters. 

Here is a HTML code format of Meta Description.

<head>  <meta name=”description” 

content=”Write Your Meta Description Here. 

As shown in the image above.”></head>

Note- Always add this code Under the <head> Section.

How To Add Search Description On Your Blog Post?

You already learn How to write search description, So Now I am going to tell you how you can add search description in your each and every blog post.

To add a description just follow these steps-

1) Log in to your Blogger account.

2) Now create a new blog post.

3) See the below image, here you can write your description for the post.

Search description for blogger post

4) After writing just click on update.

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In this article, you can learn about Search Description & How to Enable it on New Blogger. If you have any doubt regarding this post then you can comment below. 

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