How to Set Favicon In New Blogger?

If you are a blogger, then you must have heard the name of Favicon and if you have not heard it, after reading this post, you will get all the information about it. You should also use it in your blog, it also has some advantages, if you have not applied it yet, after reading this post today, you will be able to easily use Favicon in New Blogger.

How to set fevicon on new blogger

How To Set Favicon In New


1) Login In Your Blogger Account & Open The Website In Which You Want To Add Favicon.

2) Now, Click On Setting.

3) Now Click On Favicon & Upload.

4) After Uploading Your Favicon, Click On Save.

How to Set Favicon In New Blogger

If you do this process correctly then a favicon will be added to your website.

So, here is some more information about the favicon. How to create it & where to create it?

What is a favicon?

Favicon means favorite icon, it is very small in size, we also know it by the name of a website icon, tab icon, URL icon, it is used to identify your blog/website in the browser. It is unique because we put them according to our site directly, but it means the icon of our choice should be identified by your blog. For example, when you open, inside the tab, you see B written in the white color above the orange background, it is called a favicon.

Favicon history

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 5 in March 1999. Which used to support favicons. Earlier, there was a file called favicon which was named favicon.ico and it was present in the root directory of the website.

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With the help of this, your blog/website can be easily identified.

People become a bit confident about your blog because all the blogs/websites use it.

Saves the time of your users when they search your blog from their bookmarks because we easily identify the visual things.

Using it gives branding to your blog for free.

favicon Size

At the time of its launch, the cable needed a 16 × 16 pixel icon, which was placed in the root directory of the website. But now site icons of many sizes are made 32 × 32 is a standard size for almost all desktop browsers.

How to make a favicon?

It is very easy to make this, for this you can use any website icon generators present online and make a site icon of your choice and put it on your site, but you should make the icon of your site’s name so that all Know your blog or website.

Here is the list of Websites, Where you can create your Favicon For Free.

Favicon & App Icon Generator.

The best Favicon Generator.

Favicon Generator.

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