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You Have Created a New Blog and Have Customized It Well, that Is, You Have Also Set up It Well. so Now Comes Forward – “To Write Content or Say First Ever Blog Post on Your Blog.”

Just by Creating a Blog, You Not only Become a Good Blogger, but A Good Blogger Is One Who Puts good Content on His Blog So that It Can Help His Audience.

As a New Blogger, when Writing the First Post on Our Blog, We Have Many Doubts in Our Mind, Which We Are Going to Clear in This Post.

Along with This, We Will Know How We Should Write Our First Blog Post And What Things We Should Keep in Mind While Writing It.


How to Write Your First Post in A Blogger Blog?


Here Is the Full Step by Step Guide to Write a Seo Friendly Blog Post. if You Are Using Blogger Platform to Create Your 1st Post, Then Here Are the Full Step by Step Guide for You.


What Is a Blog Post? (what Is Blog Post):


In a Blog, There Are Many Different Articles Written on Many Different Topics, We Call Them “blog Posts”. Like- “What Is Seo“, If You Have Written an Article on It, Then You Can Call It a ‘blog Post or Blog Article’.



Perhaps by Now, You Have Understood the Meaning of A Blog Post, so Let Us Now Know-How You Can Write Your First Blog Post on The Blogger Platform.


How to Write the First Post on Blogspot Blog (first Blog Spot Blog Post):


If You Have Created a Blog on Google’s Blogging Platform “Blogger” (formerly known as Blogspot), Then to Write Your First Blog Post, You Will Have to Follow These Steps-


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Update – December 2020, Blogger.Com Has Been Updated Due to Which Its Interface I.E. Design Has Changed and Some New Options Have Come. However, Most of Its Things Are Still the Same. This Article Will Soon Be Updated According to Blogger Update.


1. First of All, You Have to Go to Blogger.Com and click on The “Create New Post” Option on Its Dashboard.


2. After This You Have to Set up The Post Settings Given on The Right.


Labels– in This You Have to Put the Categories to Which Your Post Is Related. for Example, You Can Have Categories for “what Is Blogging” – Blogging, Internet. Use Comma (,) to Separate Individual Categories and Try to Insert Less than 3 Categories if Possible.


Schedule- after This, if You Want Your Post Not Published Yet, but Reach People at A Certain Time, Then You Can Use the Schedule Option.


Links- Here, You Have to Click on The Custom Permalink And Fill in The Url Related to Your Post. for Example, the Url of “what Is Blogging” Can Be-What-Is-Blogging. Keep the Url as Short as Possible and Separate the Words with The Dash (-) Symbol. After This, Click on “done”.


Location- You Can Enter the Location of Your State.


Search Description– in This, You Can Give a Small Description About Your Post Which Appears Under the Title in The Link of Your Post so That People Know What They Are Going to Read About in This Post. Write It in A Friendly Way; Don’t Do Keyword Stuffing Because It Has No Direct Connection to Seo.


Options- you Can Change These by Going to The Settings of Your Blog. Do Not Change Here as Much as Possible.


Custom Robots Tags- The Options Given in It Directly Affects Your Post Ranking in Google and Seo. Set Them in A Blog Setting and Do Not Disturb Them without Knowing.

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Blogger Post Setting



3. After This, You Can Write the Title of The Post at The Top Place. Use the Keywords Related to The Post in The Title of The Post.


4. After This You Have to Select the Compose Option Given on The Left Side and Then You Can Easily Write Your Post. but If You Want to Write a Post by Coding Then You Can Select the Option of Html.


5. While Writing the Post, You Can Use the Toolbar Below the Title Bar to Make Your Post Attractive.


6. Finally, when Your Post Is Complete, You Can Check and Publish It with The Option at The Top Right Corner.


Through the Publish Option, You Can Post that Post on The Internet. But If You Do Not Want to Publish It Now, You Can Save It, This Will Save that Post in Your Draft and You Can Publish It when You Want. Apart from This, if You Want to Know What Your Post Will Look Like After Publishing it, Then You Can See It in Preview. and Finally, You Can Click on Close to Close This Post.


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In This Way, Your Post Gets Published on Google and Other Search Engines in A Few Days and You Can Easily See It. Here You Learn How To Create a Seo Friendly Blog Post for Your Blog. if You Like This Article Then Share It on Social Media & with Your Friends. if You Have Any Suggestions Then Comment Below.

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