Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog [ 5 Effective Way ]

Bounce Rate, it Is a Technical Term, Right? when We Are New in The Field of Blogging, There Are Many Such Terms Like bounce Rate, Da, Pa that Confuses Us a Lot. Here I Will Tell You, How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog?

You Can Check Your Bounce Rate on Google Analytics or Alexa Rank.  After Reading This Article Your Confusion Will Be Fully Cleared.


What Is the Meaning of Bounce Rate & how To Reduce It?

A Lot of People Visit Your Website in A Day. Suppose the Number of People Visiting Your Website Someday Is 100. Now It Happens Very Rarely that Hundreds of Hundred People Read Many Posts on Your Website. People Who Visit Your Website Behave in Two Ways-


1) 1st Types of People Are Those Who, Apart from One Post, Also Read Other Posts on Your Website, that Is, They Keep Wandering on Your Website for A Long Time.


2) The Other Type of People only Read a Post (or Page) and When They Are Done, They Leave the Website.


Now if You Assume that Out of 100 People Who Came to Your Website, 70 People Went to Read a Page, While the Remaining 30 People Read More than One Page.

Now, if We Take This Percentage, Then 70% of People Read-only One Page and 30% More than One. so This Means the Bounce Rate of Your Site Is 70% for That Particular Day Because 70% of People Leave After Reading Just a Page of Your Website.


By Now You Might Have Understood the Bounce Rate Well. We Can Define the Bounce Rate as Follows-


The % of People Visiting the Website Who Leave the Site After Reading a Page.


The Higher the Bounce Rate, The More the Site Is Considered to Be Bad Because the More People Leave the Website Quickly and Leave. Do You Want to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate? Here Is the Guide for You.


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How Does a Bounce Rate Affect a Website?


If Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate It Simply Means that People Are Not Staying on Your Website or Blog Post for A Long Time. They Are Leaving Your Blog Quickly, Not Checking or Reading Too Many Pages on It.


This Makes Google and Other Search Engines Feel that Your Site Is Not Good for People, that Is Why Most People Are Leaving Your Website After Reading a Single Page.


Due to The High Bounce Rate, Your Website’s Reputation in Search Engines Decreases, and This Can Have a Bad Effect on Your Ranking!


So Always Try to Keep the Bounce Rate of Your Website or Blog as Low as Possible. but How to Reduce It? Let’s Know About It-


What Should Be the Site’s Bounce Rate? (ideal Bounce Rate):


There Is No Fixed Bounce Rate for A Particular Website or Blog. the Bounce Rate of A Website May Be Different Depending upon Your Website Category.


Bounce Rate On Google Analytic
Bounce Rate On Google Analytic


So, What Is a Good Bounce Rate?


If Your Site Is a Blog, a Bounce Rate Between 30 to 60% Can Be Considered Good for This, Because Often People Do Not Like to Stay on The Blog Too Long.


A Good Bounce Rate For business Websites Can Be Considered at 20 to 30%. In Addition, the Ideal Bounce Rate Is 30 to 50% for Sites with Other Content.


5 Best Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog.


As Blogger, We Have No Direct Control Over The bounce Rate Because We Cannot Decide how Many Posts People Read on Our Blog. but Indirectly, the Bounce Rate Depends on Content Writing Skills, Good Content, the Way You Present It Plays an Important Role in Bounce Rate. We Must Come to Engage Our Audience with Our Quality Content.


These Are Some effective Ways With Which You Can Reduce the Bounce Rate Of Your Website or Blog to A Great Extent-


➡️ The First Thing You Can Do to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Blog Is to Make Your Content Great. if Your Content Will Be Great Then People Will Stay Connected with It and In This Way, There Will Be a Significant Reduction in Your Bounce Rate. How to Write Content for Your Blog?


➡️ The Second Thing You Can Do Is “internal Linking”. Internal Linking Means Giving Links to Other Posts in Your Blog in Any of Your Own Posts. This Allows People to Easily Read Your Other Posts and May Lower Your Bounce Rate.

➡️ Apart from This, You Can Also Make Significant Changes in Your Bounce Rate by Improving the Loading Speed of Your Site. a Good Loading Speed of A Web Page Gives Better Value to The User.


➡️ Ranking Your Site on Wrong Keywords, and Poor Design of A Website Are Some Other Reasons Due to Which the Bounce Rate of A Site Increases. by Controlling These Things, You Can Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Site.


➡️ The Most Important Thing You Have to Do to Reduce the Bounce Rate Is to Make Your Content Interesting. Keep in Mind, Making the Content Good and Making It Interesting Are Both Different Things. It Is Not Necessary that The Content Which Is Good and Informative Is Also Interesting. Now You Take Wikipedia Itself, Its Content Is Fantastic and In-Depth, but Most People Do Not Find It Interesting! but Wikipedia Is Wikipedia. to Make Your Content Interesting, You Can Use Things Like Interesting Facts, Storytelling.


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How To Check Bounce Rate Of A Blog?


You Can Use Many Online Tools For Checking Your Bounce Rate. But I Recommend You Use Google Analytics. This Is A Free Tool From Google To Check Your Blog Bounce Rate, Visitors Path, Top Pages, Keywords, Traffic Source, etc.




Friends, Bounce Rate means a Lot for A Website. Bounce Rate Is Also Very Important in Google’s Ranking Factors Because It Directly Informs About the Quality of Your Content. so You Should Try to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Site or Blog as Low as Possible.

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