Update Your Android Phone to Latest Version for Free [ All Mobile ]

You Can Easily Update Your Android Phone to Latest Version by using this simple setting. This setting is present on all Android phones so you can easily enable it. It is very necessary to upgrade your Android mobile regularly because it contains security updates and bug fixes by your Android phone company.

Update Your Android Phone to Latest Version.

So these are the simple method to operate your Android phone just follow these steps.
➡️ Open your mobile Setting.
➡️ Now click on About Phone.
➡️ Now click on System update.
➡️ After that click on Update, now it will automatically check if any update is available for your Android device.
➡️ If updates are available for your device then you can click on the Download/install button and install the update on your Android phone.

How To Enable Auto Updates On Android.

To Enable Auto Updates Over Wifi on your android phone, you have to do the below setting.
Setting > Software Updates > Auto Download Over Wifi.
Setting > About Phone > System Update > Auto Updates Over Wifi.
Done! Now, your mobile will update automatically on external wifi networks.

Update Your Android Mobile Manually.

Here is the list of Download Links of all Android Mobile System Updates. If you are an expert then you can use these links to download your mobile phone software manually.



Official Download Link



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.



Visit Link.


Update Android Apps Using An Application.

If you have any problem upgrading your Android phone or if you didn’t find the update setting for your Android then you can use the below application. this is a free application and you can download it from Google Play Store.
APP NAME – Update Software Latest.
Update Your Android Phone to Latest Version


→ Download Update Software Latest.
→ Auto Update Check.
→ Update Notifications.
→ Check Updates Downloaded Application.
→ Caller Information.
→ Phone Usage Meter.
→ Play Store Version Check.

Why it is necessary to upgrade your Android?

If updates are available for your device you must update your device as soon as possible because a new update contains many minor bug fixes, new features new themes, and security updates. 
In some cases company provides you to upgrade your Android version also. A new update from Android fixes your phone lakh problems and other minor problem so I recommend you to update your Android phone if an update is available for your device.

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